My DIY – Fun Instagram Type Photo Canvases of Tasty Food – With Instructions

My DIY – Fun Instagram Type Photo Canvases of Tasty Food – With Instructions August 14, 2013

I’m not really much of a DIYer. In adulthood, I’ve generally found paying experts to make bread, sew things, and build things ends up being cheaper and giving a better result.

But I recently took a trip to Italy and was looking for a way to use the amazing photographs I took. Putting up framed pictures of the kids at the Colosseum can only go so far, plus they look less than enthused in all the pictures I took. They loved the trip but thought it was fun to ruin my pictures. So the same child that was enthusiastically dodging through a medieval castle one minute before started looking like he wanted to skin the local cats the instant the camera came out.

That’s what you get for raising smart, um, bottoms. I can only blame myself. Probably just deserts for the time I told them Chuck E. Cheese was a made up place, like fairyland, Hogwarts, and the Hollywood Ethics Committee.

After extensive googling, I found this tutorial and was inspired to make my project. I loved her black and white project, as well as her apparent obsession with shoes, but I wanted something different. Plus, I had all these snapshots we’d taken of delicious meals we enjoyed and I thought they could be very cool as Instagram-y canvasses for the kitchen. I love how they turned out:

Those are memories right there. Tasty, tasty memories. Sipping a spritz on the shores of Lake Garda (bottom row), the cake we had outside Verona (bottom left), the time my son ordered pepperoni pizza and got pizza with peppers (bottom right).

Here’s how I did it:

I have Amazon prime and ordered all my supplies from there. No shipping costs. I love it. It saves a trip to the store only to find they don’t have what you need. I may never go outside again!

I am very happy with the final result. It makes my kitchen instantly hipper and cooler. (I hate my cabinets. Don’t judge me by my cabinets.) What do you think?


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