Exclusive: Darren Aronofsky: ‘Everyone Believes in God’ in ‘Noah’

Exclusive: Darren Aronofsky: ‘Everyone Believes in God’ in ‘Noah’ March 25, 2014

There has been some talk about whether or not God appears in the movie Noah.

When I talked to Darren Aronofsky, he could not have been more clear. Speaking of the villain Tubal-Cain, he said:

What’s interesting is most of the time when you make a bad guy in a movie, if it’s a religious movie, you make the guy a nonbeliever or something. But that’s not the case. Everyone believes in God in this movie because God is ten generations ago. Adam is ten generations ago, creation was just ten generations ago.

Co-writer Ari Handel added:

In his genealogy, Noah is the first person born after Adam died. So the idea that God doesn’t exist in the universe, it nonsense. So Tubal-Cain has a relationship with God, it’s just a negative relationship with God. He’s angry but he’s also, in that scene, he’s also looking for more. It’s complicated.

Read the full transcript (with some spoilers, so beware) of our conversation here. 

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2 responses to “Exclusive: Darren Aronofsky: ‘Everyone Believes in God’ in ‘Noah’”

  1. Sheesh! Believe in God? I don’t even believe in Noah’s ark. He was more than 600 years old when he built it? And a 450 ft by 50 ft by 45 ft boat was supposed to house 7,482,000 land dwelling fauna, and enough food for every one of them for 40 days? Seriously? Walmart stores run between 51,000 square feet to 224,000 square feet. The ark would be about 1/2 the size of the smallest Walmart. The whole story is absolutely absurd.

  2. it’s a movie i still can’t believe how upset people got over it. but some people are just touchy i guess