THE ANTLIZT: December 13, 2017

THE ANTLIZT: December 13, 2017 December 13, 2017

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What’s wrong with the world? I am (and so are you). My personal blog got picked up by Patheos.

The baker and the empire. ‘Liberalism won the same-sex marriage battle. Religious conservatism isn’t going away. We all have to find a way to live together. That goal requires some compromise and magnanimity. Here is an opportunity: Please, for the sake of the country, leave the baker alone.’ [NYT]

The first sexual revolution: how Christianity transformed the ancient world. [First Things]

A regular NYT op-ed writer on why he can no longer call himself an evangelical republican. [NYT]

Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News‘ Tactics [New Yorker]

Fake news is now a cudgel for other strong men around the globe. [NYT]

The strangeness of the modern mind. (Long but good). [Alastair’s Adversaria]

Derivative Sport: The Journalistic Legacy of David Foster Wallace [longreads]

Former Facebook VP says social media is ripping us apart and we should all take a hard break. [INC]

The problem with muzak. The impact of Spotify on the music industry. [The Baffler]

Metaphor Matters: An Apology for Theodrama [Transpositions]

Road to recovery: ‘In the aftermath of the death of our son, we felt sad, and proud — and empty. So, as a family, we tried to find ourselves on the open road.’ [NYT] It will break your heart but it’s worth the read.

God right under the ribs. ‘At the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, the Roman Catholic Church chose to move statues of Mary from the front-and-center position in Catholic churches to the side aisles and to then put Jesus on the cross, front and center. It’s a move we Protestants would applaud. In contrast, we have moved Mary from the side aisles of the church out to the back of the church. She doesn’t even get to come in. An annual rendition of “Mary Did You Know” doesn’t fix that.’ (H/T SJ) [The Other Journal]



Sufjan Stevens’ newest ‘Tonya Harding.’ Check out Sufjan’s Bandcamp page if you want to hear another version of the song (in Eb major). He also provides a little commentary on the song. (H/T MS)

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