Turing Voting is Now OPEN

Turing Voting is Now OPEN July 8, 2011


This round of voting is now CLOSED, 
but voting on the second round of answers is OPEN.  

All the answers in the first round of the Ideological Turing Test are posted, and it’s time to make your decision.

The survey has three pages:

  1. Background information on your religious beliefs
  2. Your evaluation of all fifteen entries
    • Make sure you double check that you fill in your answers on the correct line
    • Your choices are Atheist/Lean Atheist/Lean Christian/Christian
    • ‘Lean’ implies you are not very certain about your answer
    • There are optional, open-ended questions in this section about the criteria that informed your judgement and advice for future iterations of this test
  3. Demographic questions

I’ll keep the polls open til Sunday night at least.  In the meantime, to help up the sample size, please post this link (and the explanation of the Ideological Turing Test) to any relevant listservs you’re on, email or facebook it to any interested friends, and post it to Digg, StumbleUpon and other social networking sites.

Now that you’ve read through the instructions…


Hurry up!  My excel trigger finger is twitchy, and I can’t wait to see the results!

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  • Anonymous

    The bit.ly "links" are just pieces of text. ಠ_ಠ

  • David

    We need links, please- I don't want to cut & paste the bitlys.

  • Anonymous

    This is the most confusing interface I have ever encountered.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible interface, interesting project.

  • I'm running this again with the "Christian" answers in a week, so I'd love suggestions for better survey software (or an explanation of how to get the bitly links to be hyperlinks in google forms). I need a program that will let me set up a grid like I have now, allow unlimited respondents, and give me access to the raw data for free. I agree the current setup isn't ideal, so I'm all ears for recommendations.

  • I would love to participate in your next trial, and think I am fairly well suited to do so. How can I sign up?

  • I can do you a survey if you want:http://survey.nzmagic.co.nzUses Limesurvey: http://www.limesurvey.org

  • Anonymous

    Where can people sign up? I think it would be heaps fun to pretend to be Xtian 🙂

  • As an atheist, I'd love to participate in the "reverse Turing" test. Feel free to email me — evaluatingchristianity @ gmail dot com.

  • I would also be interested in being a part of your next test! 😀

  • Interesting.I almost wish I had been able to volunteer as a believer pretending to be an atheist. (Do you need any believers to hide among the atheists-pretending-to-be-believers for the next segment?)Per the hyperlinking business, I appreciate the problems of getting the bit.ly links into the quiz. After a little experimentation, I went to the page full of the answers, scrolled down the bottom (which was linked by bit.ly #1), and noticed that it was labeled "#1". From then, I voted based on numbers in the full page, and ignored the bit.ly links.

  • Santiago

    Hey guys, if you're using Firefox then select the URL, right click, and then select "Open in New Tab" from the drop-down menu, no copy-paste required! Leah, you might want to put this suggestion somewhere prominent so people can see it before they go ahead with the survey!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it so hard for people to copy and paste the bitly links? Just open up a new tab and do it.

  • If there are any screenwriters reading this, I have an idea for a movie that I think would be funny. The CEO of a huge corporate giant gets some secret bad news about his company. He can keep it under wraps for a few months but when it breaks the share price will plummet. He's got a huge number of shares in the firm, and he's borrowed against his paper wealth, so he's in trouble. For the moment, share prices are riding high, but if he started selling, the share price would plummet.So he has a plan. He will simulate a personal crisis, resulting in a decision to turn from a life of corruption and greed to the path of simplicity, poverty and love preached in the Gospels. He hears tell of a charismatic young man, a sort of itinerant independent preacher, who has achieved some striking conversions. He manages to get in touch with this young man, as if by accident, and simulates a dramatic born-again conversion, and a decision to give all his wealth to the poor like the rich young man in the New Testament. The press is all over it… And so he sells all his shares…A little while the word gets out that the conversion was phony. There are some legal issues, and the rich guy skips the country for some tropical paradise tax shelter. The young preacher, after his brief moment as the country's most famous evangelist, finds his reputation under something of a cloud…Could be a nice little, roguish, uplifting comedy. 🙂

  • What really gets me about religious people is how they settled on one religion out of all the human religions. It's always because they choose what's culturally within an acceptable range for them. There is no true reasoning behind it, except that it provides social framework and psychological support.

  • You may enjoy playin' "POPE GUY The Pontiff Man" fo' yo bo'.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfNJWOZPbSw

  • Anonymous

    Learn how to write HTML and try again.

  • The interface is completely useless. How do you envision people completing this thing?

  • Anonymous

    There is no way this is the most confusing interface anyone has ever used. It's a Google Doc. And if you can't be arsed to use the bit.ly links, open this in another tab and scroll like karrde suggested: http://www.unequally-yoked.com/search/label/ideological%20turing%20testThat's all. Chill.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Nathan. I'll try and do a mockup with limesurvey

  • Anonymous

    Hey. This is a really interesting project and I'm glad I came across it. However, I think it would be prudent to disable comments on the answers you provide. It's much more difficult to judge each question impartially when there is a blurb of text underneath every one of them telling me what I should think. While I try not to let it influence me, you will probably find that your results are slanted by the opinion of the first comment on each answer, probably towards their opinion, though antagonistic comments might turn people away from their decisions.

  • This is really interesting, but as others said above, the interface is horrible. There's just no way that I'm going to flip back and forth between tabs to try and keep things straight. You should have each "response" on its own page with a radio selection below it.