Squee! GetReligion is coming to Patheos

Squee! GetReligion is coming to Patheos August 16, 2012

Oh, you had better believe that I am capering.

GetReligion is a blog run by religion journalists that calls out a lot of religion news stories for omissions, ignorance, and general sloppiness.  The articles they fisk don’t usually err out of malice, but they can really skew the discussion of religion issues.  GetReligion’s watchdogging is so good that my friends and I say, as a matter of course, “Is there a GetReligion post on this, yet?”

There is only one expression of joy pure enough to summarize my elation:

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  • Speaking as someone who knows a lot about the Middle East, their coverage of Muslim issues is usually pretty awful. ‘Get Conservative American Christianity’ is probably a more appropriate blog title.

    • leahlibresco

      Can you be specific and give a few examples?

      • I’m looking for more specific examples, but more generally, the fact that their team is made up almost entirely of conservative Christians should raise some eyebrows. The only writer with any background outside Christianity is a former Mormon. They don’t have any Sikh’s, or Muslims, or Buddhists on their staff, which would seem to make it difficult for them to “get religion.” As far as I can tell, they don’t even have a liberal Christian.

        Molly, the writer who deals most often with Islam, writes on her page that she’s been studying Islam AND Buddhism AND Hinduism in the past year. No other writer mentions any research of non-Christian religions. And Molly’s coverage of Islam usually consists of complaining that the media doesn’t identify terrorists as Muslim quickly enough, which isn’t exactly the sympathetic treatment that Christians get. (Can you imagine anyone on Get Religion complaining that the guy who shot Dr. Tiller wasn’t identified as Pro-Life quickly enough?)

        • mollie

          Oh you mean like how I questioned (with good reason it later turned out) whether a Pentagon shooter with al Qaeda material who had shouted Allahu Akbar was actually Muslim (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/getreligion/2011/06/so-is-he-muslim-or-not/)? To give but one example of how your statement might not accurately characterize our site?

          But thanks for reading and if you have suggestions for stories that we should critique, by all means submit them.

          Also, I’m not the writer who deals most often with Islam, for what it’s worth.

      • http://www.getreligion.org/2012/05/usa-todays-islam-free-911/

        The author complains that attention is given to the fact that the 9/11 hijackers were Arab, and thinks this takes away from them being Muslim, but the fact that they were Arab IS really important.

        Then the writer complains that more info isn’t given about whether or not Anti-Muslim sentiment or crime is on the rise. Can you imagine any of the Get Religion authors wondering if anti-Christian sentiment is on the rise? (Anti-Muslim hate crimes, work discrimination, and sentiment have increased since 2001, btw)

        And then the author complains that some members of Congress think CAIR is aligned with terrorists, but these same members of Congress think one of Hilary Clinton’s aides is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. These members of Congress do not deserve to be taken seriously when they talk about Muslims, and it is disturbing that Get Religion cites them.

        If you pay attention to Get Religion, almost all of the articles about conservative Christian groups or ideas are highly sympathetic, and most of the articles about anything else are neutral at best. Coverage of liberal Christians or Muslims is decidedly unsympathetic.

      • Or, from today:

        “Change the setting, transform Der Stürmer to any one of a number of Arab-language newspapers or television broadcasts, move the date to 2012 and the same joke would be fresh and relevant today. While the Muslim world today may be the most vocal source of Jew hatred, European anti-Semitism is alive and well too.”

        I’m pretty sure neo-Nazi groups might be surprised to learn that they aren’t the most vocal source of Jew hatred.

        • geoconger

          Reluctant Liberal your comment speaks to an ignorance of the topics in question. It is within the Muslim world that you find the loudest, the most vocal, and yes the most file anti-Semites. Take Friday’s news — Ahmadinejad calls Israel and the Jews a tumor that must be destroyed. http://news.yahoo.com/tumour-israel-soon-destroyed-ahmadinejad-091548418.html

          And on MEMRI we learn that Saudi Cleric Salman Al-Odeh states that Jews Use Human Blood For Passover Matzos and that the Holocaust ‘Has Been Turned Into A Myth Of Tremendous Proportions’

          If as you say you have a knowledge of the Middle East then you know the Arab language press is replete with this sort of evil. Anti-Semites in Europe, neo-Nazis may share the same views, but in Europe they are for the most part on the fringe — and their views are not broadcast on state media, mouthed by senior government leaders or found in mass circulation newspapers.

          • geoconger

            That should be the most vile anti-Semites, a typographical error.

    • deiseach

      To be fair, GetReligion is not a religon blog or even a religion news blog, it’s a blog about how mainstream media (particularly and especially newspapers, because that’s where their expertise and experience lies) cover stories and the religion “ghosts” in them.

      So if the coverage of Muslim issues is bad, that’s down to (1) they’re talking about the coverage of such issues in the mass media, and if that coverage is bad, then that’s what results (2) they don’t have contributors who are experts in that; they’ve had Jewish contributors before who, for one reason and another, have dropped out and I don’t know they ever had (or tried to get, but I’m sure they’d like) a Muslim contributor or someone who is an expert. The people on GetReligion range from Lutherans to Orthodox to the various types of Protestantism (yes, including evangelical) so they can recognise when a news story is doing a poor job of covering those denominations. Not having a Muslim or access to insider knowledge does hamper them, but it’s not down to bias.

      Given that some American news media did a dreadful job on ‘explaining’ that Sikhs aren’t Muslims (they may wear turbans and have beards, but they’re not Arabs!) re: the shooting in the temple in Wisconsin, I would say that it’s more a matter of general coverage being poor and they just reflect that when they pick stories covering Muslim topics.

  • math_geek

    GetReligion.org is a huge huge get for Patheos. Patheos really seems to be taking over the religious interwebs.

    • leahlibresco

      As an old college song put it…

      Plot and scheme, persuade, cajole.
      Domination is our goal

  • Claude

    Ha ha, Stephen, like a gazelle.

  • Behold, the perfect argument for never (1) singing “King of Glory” or (2) doing liturgical dance AGAIN.

    • leahlibresco

      Nooo! I like how loud it is.

    • deiseach

      I have always been against liturgical dance. The reason? Stephen isn’t the worst example of the form I’ve seen 🙂

  • This video made my day! It’s so dang jolly!

  • Joao

    Funny video. Colbert is amazing. I think most people don’t know that the real Colbert is a devout catholic who even teaches Sunday School.
    There’s a post in a blog here in Patheos with some clips of Colbert expressing his catholic faith (in a funny way of course) in his show.
    Also ckeck this blod about the Catholic Colbert: