Help Pick Questions for my Ideological Turing Test Talk

Help Pick Questions for my Ideological Turing Test Talk March 15, 2015

From my Effective Altruism talk at Yale
From my Effective Altruism talk at Yale

I’ve got two speaking engagements coming up this week, and I could use your crowdsourced  help for one of them.


How to Have Better Fights About Religion

Wednesday, March 18, 7p

Shotel Dubin Auditorium, Penn Hillel

215 S. 39th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104



A Night of Intra-Christian Dialogue

Thursday, March 19, 7:30p

George Mason School of Law

3301 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22201


At the Intra-Christian Dialogue event, I’ll be part of an ecumenical panel answering questions about our own faith traditions and where we’ve experienced “holy envy” for the practices of a different tradition.  (After today’s Mass readings (grouped around the theme of light), I was thinking about the Orthodox liturgy of baptism and chrismation, which includes “Thou art baptized. Thou art illumined.” and how vivid I find “illumined” in that context).

For the UPenn talk, I’ll be talking about my Ideological Turing Tests, but I’m going to give the audience some new passages to read and guess about.  (I’ll share them with all y’all after the talk).  For right now, I could use some suggestions of questions/prompts that require about 100-200 words to answers and would be fun to read and guess about.

Any good questions from previous questions you’d like to see repeated?  Any questions you’ve been wishing I’d try?


And send me an email (leahlibrescoATgmailDOTcom) if you’d like to have me come to speak at your parish/school/etc!

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