7 Unfundamentalist Parenting Podcast Recs

7 Unfundamentalist Parenting Podcast Recs March 30, 2017

Unfundamentalist Parenting Podcast Recommendations

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There are a lot of wonderful progressive Christian podcasts out there, and a lot of parenting podcasts, but hitting that sweet spot of progressive Christian parenting, the conversation I’m trying to start with this blog, is harder to find.

But here’s what I’ve found so far, specific podcast episodes that deal directly with the values that align with this community, so I thought I’d share. I hope you’ll enjoy, @ me and let me know if you’ve tried them out and what you thought of them!

  1. I feel like not enough people know about this but Rob Bell has a 3 hour parenting audio content. You do have to purchase it, but I have a discount code for it for readers of unfundamentalist parenting here. He gives 17 observations about parenting, they are mostly general parenting observations but because of Rob’s own background as a megachurch pastor, you will find resonance if you are also shifting from an evangelical conservative background as a Christian parent.
  2. My friends Benjamin L Corey and Matthew Paul Turner tackle progressive Christian parenting topics in this episode of their podcast, That God Show.  BLC is a fellow Patheos blogger, and MPT has a brand new children’s book that has become a bestseller called When God Made You. You can find an interview with him and more information about the book here.
  3. If I had a penny for every person that wrote me and told me, “the Liturgists did an episode on unfundamentalist parenting!” I’d have almost a dollar! I’m so glad this episode resonated with many, it validates my insistence that there are so many of us parents with shifting faith who need more conversations on this topic. Check it out here, Parenting and Deconstruction. 
  4. The Deconstructionists recently interviewed Bible scholar Pete Enns, and they spend a good chunk of it discussing how to raise kids with faith but yet interrogate that faith at the same time. It starts at around 55:00.
  5. At Unfundamentalist Parenting we talk about the importance of anti-racism work and how to dismantle racism in raising children. I found this podcast by the Longest Shortest Time extremely helpful, and chock full of resources in the show notes to aid parents who are committed to anti-racism.
  6. Full GLBTQ affirmation of children and teens is a matter of life and death, and unfundamentalist parenting is to highlight and center the voices of both gay parents and gay children. One of my favorite stories is Two Men and a Baby by Strangers. It’s so sweet and normalizes the many different ways a family is born. Don’t forget to check out the follow up to the story as well!
  7. Lastly, I talk all about Unfundamentalist Parenting with Benjamin Knoll over at his progressive Mormon podcast. It was one of the most well-prepared interviews I’ve ever done, as Benjamin came up with great questions and I hope I did those questions justice.

K, get those earbuds in place and get listening! I listen to mine when I do the dishes, what about you?

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