Taking Real Pictures of Ghosts: 10 Tips for Better Paranormal Photography

Taking Real Pictures of Ghosts: 10 Tips for Better Paranormal Photography October 17, 2013
Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. Photo by Lilith Dorsey

The witchy holiday season is upon us, so I figured this would be a good time to post about psychic and paranormal recording. I studied Film production and Cinema studies at NYU at both the undergraduate and graduate level. No, they don’t teach paranormal photography there, but rest assured I know which end of the tripod is up and where to stick the boom. I have long been interested in this topic, probably from the time the universe gave me my first recording equipment at about age five. For the past decade I have been teaching a workshop on Psychic Photography, Video and Audio Recording. The following advice can be utilized not just for capturing ghosts on film, but for recording rituals (when permitted) and other spiritual happenings.


  1. Bless your camera and other recording equipment. The simplest way to do this is to cast a magical circle and place the items inside it.
  2. Bless yourself. You could try the methods I recommend in my post on Connecting with the Divine, or use whatever your favorite formula is for protection, clarity, and the like.
  3. Try recording both when people are present and with the equipment in the space alone.
  4. Leave offerings to whomever/whatever you are trying to record. If this is a God or Goddess take the time to research their favorite offerings, maybe light a candle or burn their favorite incense.
  5. Explain to whomever/whatever exactly what it is you are trying to do. Explain that you are not there to cause harm, and that you only wish to be respectful and record whatever is allowed.
  6. Have backup equipment available whenever possible, i.e. extra batteries, cameras, mics, etc. Duh. No Duh.
  7. Take lots of photos, or shoot lots of footage. The more the merrier. The advent of digital photography has made this much simpler.
  8. Paranormal photography is easier to accomplish at night. This is true of recording ghosts in my experience.
  9. Don’t try to photograph any ghosts or phenomenon you don’t want to encounter. This is common sense.
  10. Trust your instincts. Do divination if possible to determine when, where, and how to proceed with your efforts. If you get a feeling during any part of the process trust that and follow what the Universe is telling you. Good Luck and if you get anything good please share your links here or on our facebook group. If you enjoyed this post you can share and like it too.


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