Beware the Ginger Vampire !!!

Beware the Ginger Vampire !!! November 11, 2014

Beware the Ginger Vampire. Text added. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Beware the Ginger Vampire. Text added. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Copyright AAR Studios.

How does every Redhead joke begin?

By looking over your shoulder.

Redheads are eerie. My family is full of redheads. My Nana was a redhead. My oldest daughter is a redhead. The family rumor is my grandfather even had a fling with Tina Louise,best known as Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. If we look at science redheads are in actuality mutants. Red hair is a recessive trait, and that means their numbers are , for better or worse, decreasing.
Many people seem to have a fear of “gingers.” Pale skin and flaming hair can bring about a serious glimpse at otherness for most of us more normal folk, and otherness can be scary. Science tells us that redheads can be harder to sedate. Some people even believe they have no soul. Many people remember the infamous South Park episode addressing this topic:



What type of trains don’t let gingers ride?
Soul Trains

I did an event a few years back where a self-professed ginger vampire attended one of my rituals. He was a bit unusual anyway. He kept telling us how he would kill his woman during a zombie apocalypse, and trying to get my ex-boyfriend to touch his sacred “crystal.”
Vampires are fascinating stuff anyway. Just saw a meme that said redheads are the unicorns of people, except they exist. It’s funny, because it’s true. Redheads were burnt during the Spanish inquisition as they were thought to contain hellfire. Various Indo-European legends even tell tales of redheads turning into Vampires after death. Pale skin, sensitivity to sunlight, and rarity make it easy to see how bizarre connections can be drawn.

Lilith by John Collier -1892. Photo by Rami Sedhom. Licensed under CC 2.0
Lilith by John Collier -1892. Photo by Rami Sedhom. Licensed under CC 2.0

The goddess Lilith was thought to have red hair, and is depicted thusly in traditional art, such as in D.G. Rosetti’s Lady Lilith. The famous 1892 painting by John Collier features a strawberry blonde Lilith. The Celtic Goddess Brighid is also frequently depicted as having long flowing red locks. Even Mary Magdelene, infamous friend of Jesus Christ is shown with red hair. Even modern red headed vampires like Jessica, from HBO’s True Blood, becomes eroticized despite her virginal past.

Red hair definitely means magick. Like extra nipples, tails, and birth cauls, red hair is one of those things that define you as extra special in a witchy way. Maybe they aren’t actually Vampires, although the jury is still out on the guy with the sacred “crystal.” I’d watch out for him. But maybe we shouldn’t fear the “ginger” vampire, possibly we should consider them in a new light. They are unique, you can definitely spot them in a crowd. The Roots of Desire by Marion Roach says the “story of red hair requires sifting through history as a whole with a red lens.” Just as we have learned, or probably always knew, magick, mystery, otherness, and red hair are not always bad things. We should perhaps consider looking at the situation through red rose colored glasses. On some subliminal level both red hair and vampires symbolize power. Margot Adler’s Vampires Are Us, talks about how in the words of Buffy Summers “there is no good or bad, there is just power.” Maybe it’s the same with redheads, they just are.

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