Review: Your Face Is A Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth

Review: Your Face Is A Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth November 13, 2014
Your Face is a Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth.
Your Face is a Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth.

I wanted so badly to hate this book. Your Face is a Forest is a collection of words by Rhyd Wildermuth. Everyone is hating on Wildermuth lately anyway, not for this, but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone hates Pagans, Pagan clergy especially, my dearly departed friend, Pagan legend Isaac Bonewits wanted to make Pagan Clergy T Shirts with a bulls-eye on them, but then he figured why should we help the haters out. However, I would have been happy to hate on this particular book. Wildermuth is a fellow Pagan blogger and author, in short, if I’m honest, competition for some pretty slim resources.

This is a book of words, poetic, artistic, and spiritual musings, let’s be honest who wants to read that crap. Most days I can’t even stand my own bad Emo poetry let alone someone else’s drivel. He shouldn’t take it personally, I had the same thought when I found out William Shakespeare was following me on Twitter. So I sat coffee in hand, and a chilly autumn hate in my heart and started to read. My ancestors joined me, they blew open the doors and the windows and asked me to listen. Listen to, in the author’s words,“Words in song, song in screams, screams forming words which evoked, invoked, lamented arrogance, lamented destruction.”
Quote from Your Face is a Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth
Quote from Your Face is a Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth
We have a problem, a nice problem.
Your Face is a Forest speaks of love, of loosing and finding one’s self. It does this beautifully, compassionately, and humorously. We take a trip into Paganism and spirit through his artful journey.
We have a problem, I really like this book.
Your Face is a Forest draws you in with words and wit. The words lasso you in, sashay around your brain and make you think. If you want to hate this book, if you want to turn your nose up and your broomstick down at another airy-fairy-princess-twinkle-tushy pagan manuscript, then we have a problem.
Wildermuth’s book is now available, a collection of delightful words, that aren’t really a problem at all. Check out Your Face is a Forest today.
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