Who Needs Blue Balls?

Who Needs Blue Balls? November 10, 2015


Spanish Bluing for laundry photo courtesy of Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0
Spanish Bluing for laundry photo courtesy of Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0

Blue balls, also known as laundry bluing, bluestone or anil, is a traditional ingredient in cleansing and protection magick. If you thought this post was about those other blue balls, get your mind out of your pants. Laundry bluing has been used for over a hundred years to make things brighter both physically or spiritually. Original Botanica, famous in the Santo (Santeria or Lucumi) community since 1959 says on their website that “ Spiritists and mediums will often take one Lucky Blue Ball and add it to a bucket of mop water along with Florida Water and Holy Water and use it clear the house of negativity when they mop prior to spiritual work.” You can place blue balls under your bed or in the corners of your home ( if you don’t have small children or pets that could bother them.) Originally the substance that magickal practitioners were trying to utilize with bluing was copper, and ingredient even more noxious. But even our modern blue balls are toxic and precautions should be used. Placing the balls around will help to remove any negative energy and unpleasantness from your space.

Writing this post I am reminded of the other powerful blue colors used for protection. There is Haint Blue, a lighter blue color used throughout the Southern U.S. to protect from ghosts and unwanted spirits. We also can not go without mentioning cobalt blue, invented by a Swedish chemist in 1739 and named after the German word for evil spirit. Even the indigo plant itself is said to repel negativity when used correctly. The following spell with help you utilize the power of blue balls to protect your own space.


Jinx, Hex, or Curse Removing Wash


1 cup Holy Water

3 drops Sandalwood oil

1 cup Spring Water

1 cup Florida Water ( I prefer Murray and Lannmans)

3 Bluing balls or Blue balls

large bowl


This wash is best started on the night before the full moon. Find a safe place to put your bowl outside where the light from the Full Moon’s rays will touch and bless it. Fill the bowl with the above ingredients. Throw the bowl gently into the air to release it into the realm of the spirits. Then bring the bowl outside. Leave it overnight. Before bringing it back into your home, sprinkle a small amount on the threshold of your main entrance. Then you may use the wash to cleanse your floors, windows or wherever else you feel the energy may be difficult. Use as often as needed to help keep your space protected and blessed.


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