What To Do About Psychic Vampires & Energy Terrorists

What To Do About Psychic Vampires & Energy Terrorists November 7, 2019

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Magick can be a beautiful and powerful thing, but it can attract unwanted energy like flies to honey. I was interviewed a few months back by some newbie witches who took great pains to explain to me that all the evil in the world only comes from within. No disrespect to them, but how can you hold this position and take into account mass genocide and all the other atrocities and hate it the world. People can be downright cruel and many of them will take the opportunity to “yuck your yum,” as my young friends say. How then do you go about protecting yourself from these types of haters, psychic vampires, and energy terrorists who try to steal your magick and your joy. Luckily there are spells, magick, and practices to keep yourself safe. We must be vigilant at all times. By far I do more magick for protection than any other kind. Everyone has their own favorite methods of protection, but it is always helpful to vary them lest the negative forces become immune. Here are some different spells and strategies you may want to try:

  • Maman Brigitte Ancestor Bag for Protection – This gris-gris bag will help attract blessings and protection from your ancestors against psychic vampires and everything else. You can carry it in your pocket, or sleep with it under your pillow or bed to help with protection at night.
  • Protection Oil– You can purchase a ready made protection oil from one of the many wonderful magickal companies out there like Rev. Terrie’s Beaux Magique and Dee’s Transformational Healing. Or if you so choose you can make your own using sweet almond oil as a base and including myrrh oil, sandalwood oil, and lavender oil. Make sure you charge it under the light of the Full moon, or one of your favorite methods for consecration. Then use it liberally.
  • Florida Water– I’m a big believer in Florida Water. My Great-Grandmother used it and I use it almost everyday. There are many different ways to use it and you can get some ideas here in my popular post 21 Wonderful Ways to use Florida Water. 
  • Make A Magickal Protection Window Box– The best protection works both inside and out. This magickal window box works on those spaces in between. The plants in it serve as living sentries guarding your energy and your home.
  • Don’t Start None– This is my best piece of magickal advice lately, based on my lifetime of witching. If you know someone is full of negativity and bad ideas, try not to invite them into your magickal circle or your life. You can wear garlic around your neck, or douse yourself in holy water to get rid of vampires of any variety, but it’s much easier to deal with the problem if you don’t invite them into your house in the first place.

Psychic vampires can be anywhere, at an event, at work, or even in your own home. You can try multiple methods to improve things, and remember you can always get a psychic reading too, done either by yourself or by a professional reader like me. Good luck and let’s be careful out there, as they say !

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