March 5, 2018

Juniper berries close up photo courtesy of public domain pictures.

Juniper Berries are tiny dark spheres that are full of magick. They are a primary ingredient in the making of Gin. As I sit down to write this all I can think of is the time I found a bunch of millennial witches in the hot tub at a Pagan event drinking. When I asked them what they were drinking they replied “Pagan Love Juice.” My witchy mind imagined rose petals, honey, cinnamon, all the delightful magickal ingredients for love. So I asked them what was in it, they quickly replied gin. Well “whatever lifts your skirt,” as the expression goes. In reality Juniper berries have a long history of being used in magickal recipes and spells.

Juniper berries can be used in spells for love and lust. You can make a tea with them and add them to your bath or floor wash to bring about passion and strength. More common, however, is the use of juniper berries for protection. These are a spicy little berry colored an interesting blue when still attached to the bush, then they dry to a deep reddish brown color.

Popular folklore tells us that juniper grown by the threshold to a home will stop thieves from entering. It is said that the ancient Druids used a powerful incense made of juniper and thyme to bring about psychic visions. The website tells us that “Juniper has a long history of occultic usage, especially for certain magickal practices endemic to the European world, more specifically in the Germanic and Nordic areas of that part of the country. In Western magick, juniper is considered a protective herb, its leaves being said to possess the capability to drive away bad luck and protect its bearer from all any type of malignancy. In folkloric beliefs, the leaves or needles of juniper trees were typically made into a wreath or a sort of decorative ornament and hung above doorways or above the rafters, as it was said to protect the inhabitants of a house from bad luck, sickness, evil spirits, and the possibility of theft. Wearing a sprig of juniper needles encased in a medicine bag was believed by some Nordic and Icelandic tribes to protect the bearer from attacks by wild animals while subsequently improving their ability to hunt properly”

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January 17, 2018

Persephone, pomegranate, mint, grain licensed by Pixabay CC.0
Persephone, pomegranate, mint, grain licensed by Pixabay CC.0

“Lost in Hell,-Persephone,
Take her head upon your knee;
Say to her, “My dear, my dear,
It is not so dreadful here.”
― Edna St. Vincent Millay, Collected Poems

There are many herbs and botanicals associated with the abundance of the summer months, but when we look towards the colder half of the year the list dwindles… but one we can still certainly look at is the sensual pomegranate. Many associate pomegranates with the Goddess Persephone and her tale of the underworld. Classical Mythology published by Oxford University Press telling it way more eloquently than I can says :

The lengthy Homeric Hymn to Demeter (2) provides the most important and complete information about DEMETER [de-mee’ter] (CERES) and PERSEPHONE [per-sef’o-nee] (PROSERPINA), daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and is in itself a literary gem.

The Abduction of Persephone. Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, was also called KORE [ko’ree] (“girl” or “maiden”). While she was picking beautiful flowers with the daughters of Ocean, Earth, at the will of Zeus and to please Hades, produced a most wondrous and radiant narcissus. As Persephone reached out to pluck the flower, Earth yawned open, and Hades appeared in his golden chariot and carried her away in tears. Persephone shouted and called out to Zeus, but he did not hear her for it was by his will that HADES [hay’deez] (PLUTO), his brother and her uncle, carried her off to be his wife and queen of the Underworld…..

Persephone Eats of the Pomegranate. Joyous Persephone jumped up quickly. But (according to the poet of the Hymn) Hades secretly gave his wife the fruit of the pomegranate to eat to ensure the fulfillment of his words to her as her husband; she should not remain the whole year above with her mother Demeter but would rule with him below for part of the time.

He then yoked his immortal horses to his golden chariot, which Persephone mounted. Hermes took the reins, and in no time at all they came to a halt in front of the temple where Demeter waited.

Demeter’s Ecstatic Reunion with Her Daughter. At the sight of her daughter, Demeter rushed out of the temple with the passion of a maenad, and Persephone leaped down from the chariot and ran to meet her mother, throwing her arms around her neck. Immediately Demeter sensed some treachery and asked if Persephone had eaten any food in the Underworld. If she had not, she would live with her father Zeus and mother Demeter above, but if she had eaten anything, she would live a third part of the year in the Underworld and the other two thirds in the upper world. With the burgeoning spring she would wondrously rise again from the gloomy region below. Demeter ended by asking by what trick Hades has deceived her.
Persephone said that she would tell the truth. According to her version (contradicting the description of Hades’ secret deception just given), when she jumped up at the news of her return, Hades swiftly put into her mouth the fruit of the pomegranate and compelled her to eat it by force, against her will. Then Persephone painfully described how Hades carried her off, despite her screams….

Magickal Uses of Pomegranate

The herbal magick of the pomegranate is known to bring fertility, prosperity and abundance. It also bestows knowledge and sacred wisdom. Some theorists even suggest that the fruit in the garden of Eden was a pomegranate and not an apple. For myself to has always held the power to provide access to a uniquely feminine mysticism. It is for this reason that I choose to use it as the main ingredient in my recipe for the High Priestess Tarot card. Please take a look at the following video.

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September 18, 2017

Dandelion photo courtesy of wikimedia commons. Licensed under CC 2.0
Dandelion photo courtesy of wikimedia commons. Licensed under CC 2.0

Magick doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and the easily available Dandelion is a perfect example of this. This helpful little herb goes by several different names : Priest’s Crown, Irish Daisy, Blowball, Piss-a-bed, White Endive, and Lion’s Tooth. It’s resemblance to a Lion’s mane probably accounts for it’s association with the astrological sign of Leo.

Dandelion is connected to the element of air. In accordance with this association this is a great plant to use when performing divination, or magick for clarity and insight. This makes it a great herb to keep with your tarot cards or runes to help increase their ability.

Most often this herb is associated with the goddesses Brighid and Hecate. The blog Herbal Riot tells us  it “belongs to Hecate and is mainly a chthonic plant associated with the underworld and necromancy. It is beloved by bees, goats, pigs and is considered a toad plant (all have a certain underworld nature), with bees sometimes acting as psychopomps in old folklore. Dandelion is also a very Mercurial weed associated with the air element explaining its use in aiding in communication with the dead and increasing psychic ability. Drink an infusion of the dried and roasted roots to enhance your psychic abilities before performing divination or summoning spirits of the dead. ”

Dandelion photo courtesy of Love Magic. All rights reserved.
Dandelion photo courtesy of Love Magic. All rights reserved.

There are many magickal recipes containing Dandelion. You can make a tea from the root, ,or add the sunny blossoms to a salad. Please check out my friend Amber Shehan’s website Pixie’s Pocket for great recipes like Wild Fermented Dandelion Wine, Dandelion Fritters, and many more. In my book Love Magic I write “Even small children know that you can wish upon a dandelion seed pod to send your desires out to the universe.” I go on to give a delicious recipe for Dandelion soup in the book so please check it out. Here’s another fabulous magickal recipe using the herb.

Dandelion Psychic Wash Spell

  • Use this wash on your crystals, pendulum, shrine, or yourself to help increase psychic power and knowledge.

1 cup spring water

1 cup Dandelion flowers

3 drops Myrrh oil

3 drops Sandalwood oil

Heat up spring water to boiling. Remove from heat and add flowers. Leave until cooled. Strain mixture and to the remaining water add the myrrh and sandalwood oils. Use liberally whenever needed.

What are your favorite uses for this golden herb ? I would love to see them in the comments below. And as always if you have enjoyed what you read here please remember to like and share.

May 27, 2017

Lily of the Valley is a tiny, delicate flower that is full of magick. Ruled by the element of air, this botanical is said to foster communication, improve memory, mental stability, purity, and peace.

Lily of the Valley photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Lily of the Valley photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

May lily, Lily constancy, and ladder to heaven, are some of the other names for this plant. According to the herbalist Culpeper “there is an old English legend from Sussex that St. Leonard fought against a great dragon in the woods near Horham and wherever his blood fell lilies of the valley sprang up to commemorate the desperate fight. The woods still bear the name of St Leonard and the forest floor is still covered in lilies of the valley. ” Blooming this time of year it makes a traditional appearance on Beltane altars and as offerings.

Lily of the Valley is believed to magickally connect the head and the heart. It opens the pathways in our mind to allow access to higher spheres of consciousness. Spiritually it pairs well with crystals like amethyst, quartz, and amber. You can use the flowers, leaves, or the powdered root in your spellwork.

According to the legendary Victorian language of flowers if you received this bloom it meant happiness was to return to you. Partially for this reason people use it in workings to return a lost love, or heal a divided relationship.

Both the gods Apollo and Mercury rule over this plant. It can clearly help with communication and messages from this world and other realms as well. You can combine Lily of the Valley with some of the other plants from the list below to create your own fairy garden.

Plants for your Fairy Garden

Lily of the Valley


Irish Moss






Like many botanicals, parts of Lily of the Valley can be toxic. Special care is to be taken with the berries of this plant. Please proceed with caution and good judgement.

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May 4, 2017

Primrose photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Primrose photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Most people are familiar with Primrose as a common ornamental plant in gardens. The flower is delicate and cheerful. What most people don’t know is it’s also quite magickal. Primrose is said to open spiritual doorways, and is in fact called St. Peter’s keys or the keys of Mary. In Irleand these flowers are prevalent throughout the spring. In Irish Gaelic it’s sabhaircín which is pronounced ( sour-keen.) The blog Irish American Mom tells us “The primrose may be a small blossom, but in days gone by it was considered a symbol of safety and protection. Primroses placed on a doorstep were said to encourage the faeries to bless the house and all who lived there…. In rural Ireland in days gone by the butter making season began in May. To promote good milk production in their cows, our farming forebears rubbed primroses on their cows’ udders at Bealtaine (Beltane/May Day). Primroses scattered on the doorstep supposedly protected the butter from thieving faeries.”

Magickally primrose is said to be associated with the goddesses Freya, Flora, Diana and Bast. Bathing in the herb is said to make one more attractive and beautiful. In the Victorian language of flowers this beauty was said to mean ” I can’t live without you.” But there are many different varieties of the plant, and in the Victorian language of flowers evening primrose is said to mean “fickleness.” So make sure which one you have in order to avoid confusion.

Then there is a long history of primrose being used as a medical and herbal remedy. Popular herbalist Nicholas Culpeper recommended primrose root juice “snuffed up the nose” for nervous disorders. He then adds that it “occasions violent sneezing” and should only be taken in small doses. Culpeper also said dried primrose root could be used as an emetic. It goes without saying proceed with caution.



Scientific Name: Primula vulgaris

Also called : Fairy cup, butter rose, St. Peter’s keys

Physical characteristics: Grow in small clumps no more than 12 inches wide or high.

Cultivation tips: Prefer partial shade, and well drained fertile soil. So delicate many gardeners treat them like an annual.

Magickal properties : love, luck, and fairy magick.

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April 3, 2017

Gardenia flower image from Love Magic. All rights reserved.
Gardenia flower image from Love Magic. All rights reserved.

Gardenia is a tiny magickal flower that packs a huge punch. These small white blossoms are said to symbolize love, devotion, purity, and spiritual connection. In the Victorian language of flowers they were representative of a secret love. If you were surprised by one of these on your door you knew a secret admirer had come to call. Magickally gardenias are said to be effective not only for love workings, but for protection and stress relief.

The folks who compiled the Wiccan Herbal Encyclopedia say to ” Place fresh blossoms in sick rooms or on healing altars to aid the process. Add dried petals to healing mixtures. Dried gardenia is scattered around a room to induce peaceful vibrations.” Gardenia is said to be sacred to the God Morpheus, bringing sweet dreams and transport to divine realms. In my new book Love Magic I write ” this flower has a sweet and delightful scent that brings pleasure and romance to your spellcrafting. Its white color makes it a frequent addition to traditional wedding bouquets, where it represents divine purity.” There are lots of uses for this plant and luckily it can be grown at home, indoors or out.

Botanically this little shrub is classified as Gardenia jasminoides, in the family of Rubiaceae. In the Southern U.S. gardenia can be grown outdoors, but they are tricky to cultivate. Make sure your plants temperature doesn’t drop below 60 degrees, if so try to bring it indoors. It prefers full sun and an acidic soil.

Gardenia Sacred Sensuality Floor Wash Spell

6 drops gardenia oil

6 drops tuberose oil

6 drops jasmine oil

6 drops amber oil

1 cup rose water

1 cup spring water

Combine all ingredients in a large glass jar. Shake well. Leave the jar on your windowsill overnight where the moon’s rays will touch and bless it. Add this to your wash water when cleansing and blessing your bedroom or ritual love space. Be sure to concentrate on the threshholds, doors, windows, and under the bed. This formula can be used when planning a night of sensual delight or just when you would like to connect with the divine and sensual feminine forces in the universe.

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December 22, 2016

Herbal Magick Resurrection Plant photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Herbal Magick Resurrection Plant photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

People have been obsessed with life after death since the beginning of time, and the popular resurrection plant seems to do just that. The resurrection plant (selaginella lepidophylla) is also known as a rose of jericho, a dinosaur plant, a frosty fern, or a resurrection fern. It is fairly easy to grow and can be used in a variety of spells and magickal formulas.

Resurrection Plant Care

Resurrection plants are popular houseplants, and can be found easily especially during the holidays (you might even find one at Trader Joe’s.) The website explains “When S. lepidophylla, a native of desert and semi-desert regions, doesn’t get enough water, the leaves roll into tight brown balls (a phenomenon known as cespitose) and the plant becomes totally dormant. Once this Selaginella Plant gets some moisture, the leaves open up, turn green, and the plant starts to grow again. This is why the other name for Selaginella lepidophylla is the “Resurrection Plant.”

Place your resurrection plant in indirect sunlight. It will thrive in soil that includes both some sand and peat. Be sure your planter has good drainage. In nature these plants go through a dormancy period, so you may mimic this at home by allowing it to dry out. When you begin to water it again the leaves will turn green, and it will come back to life.

Resurrection Plant Spells

Hoodoo practitioners know that the resurrection plant is useful magickally for bring other things back to life besides it’s leaves. Rose of Jericho is a common ingredient in spells for healing and financial success. In my post Black Friday Money Magick that Works All Year, one of the spells includes a Rose of Jericho to bring prosperity.

Rose of Jericho (Resurrection plant) New Orleans. Photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Rose of Jericho, New Orleans. Photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

For this working you will need a Rose of Jericho, a pinch of cinnamon, and all the spare change from your latest shopping trip. Take a large bowl and fill it up halfway with a combination of spring water ( which will bring in renewed prosperity) and tap water (which will serve to represent the spirit of place, namely your home.) Into the bowl you will place the spare change and the pinch of cinnamon.

Next focus your mind on drawing blessings and prosperity towards you. Then place the Rose of Jericho into the bowl. Next place the bowl in a sunny window. Refill with water as needed. After about 10 days the plant may start to get funky. At this point leave the contents of your bowl at the base of a large tree, or at a crossroads. This symbolizes it’s continuing journey through the realms of opportunity and growth.

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