Movie Club: Kahaani Discussion

Movie Club: Kahaani Discussion May 31, 2014

What an interesting and exciting movie!

Being a thriller, it doesn’t have the song and dance numbers that I’m used to in Hindi movies. It’s interesting for me to see a different kind of movie since I watch so many rom-coms.

I was so engrossed in this movie that I stayed up until 2:00 am to finish it (for context, I go to bed by 10:00!)

I liked the way Vidya was being introduced to Bengali culture. Since she was an outsider, I as an outsider got things explained. Like the good name/pet name thing. I always thought that was a wider phenomenon in India but it sounds like it might just be a Bengali thing (and when I think back on where I’ve heard of it before, it was from The Namesake, which is about Bengalis too).

I adored the police officer, Rana, who was helping Vidya. He was so kind and sweet. I think that’s what a great man looks like.

Spoilers Ahead…

The Durga Puja preparations going on in the background gave the movie a great sense of time and flow. Plus all those white and red saris came in handy at the end!

One thing that everyone talks about is the surprises in the end.

I was very pleased with myself that I figured out the biggest twist. I don’t even know why, but from the very beginning I was pretty sure Vidya wasn’t pregnant. Maybe it was something about her traveling when she was clearly so far along. I didn’t have much to support that suspicion, but once I had the idea, nothing in the movie was contradicting it. When Rana told Vidya that she’d be a great mom and she looks away and is sad, that cinched it for me. But I couldn’t figure out why she was faking it!

I struggled to try to figure out how Vidya was connected to the scenes at the very beginning with the terrorist attack. It felt really good to have something for my brain to crunch on, even though I never figured it out.

I’m left with a few questions. I definitely want to know what the purpose of that attack was and who the woman was who had the weapon in her baby’s bottle. I want to know exactly what work Arnab did that brought him to be the person called up on from London to deal with this situation. Who was he talking to on the phone? What clues did they have that he was following?

However, those are minor questions. The movie was exciting, thrilling, beautiful, and moving. It kept its mystery well and kept me guessing until the end.


There’s been lots of good suggestions for movies to watch, but many of them aren’t available to me! I look for movies that are on Netflix Streaming, Amazon Instant Watch, or on Youtube (but I need subtitles! My Hindi is not quite that good yet).

Finding a movie that is available in one of those sources is challenging!

Luckily, one suggestion I’ve gotten is Namastey London, which is available on Amazon Instant for $2.99 so I’ll give that one a try!

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