Movie Discussion: Namastey London

Movie Discussion: Namastey London June 7, 2014

This week I watched Namastey London on recommendation from a friend who knows I’m trying to get better at Hindi.

Despite what could have been a very dark theme, it’s actually a bright and light film.

The main character reminds me of Aunt Robin from How I Met Your Mother for some reason. They have a similar expressions that they give.



This is kind of the horror story of what can happen for western-born desis. Agree to go back to India for a vacation with your family and they marry you off a week later! Not only that, but a city girl being married off to a village farmer. Talk about nothing in common!

It’s sad that she didn’t feel she could tell her father about her English boyfriend proposing to her, but I suppose it worked out in the end. Somehow I don’t think in real life that this would work out at all. (Not that I think her English boyfriend is right for her either).

I’m glad that within the story Arjun and her father allowed her to come to the right place on her own (after the trick marriage anyway).

I feel for the Jazz’s dad. He’s a likable character and you can really see that he wants the best for her but he just doesn’t really know her at all.

This movie touches on the same theme that I think The Namesake does so well: how Indian parents are surprised when they realize that they have western children.

It’s hard for parents to realize and remember that their children don’t have the same memories and experiences they have. So you might be able to move to a new country and maintain your culture, but your children are growing up with very different influences from yours and unless you give it to them, they’re not going to have a connection to their culture at all.

I think my favorite part is when Arjun SCHOOLS that racist old guy. It’s pretty disturbing that Charlie doesn’t know or care anything about Jazz’s family’s culture. Sad, really. But what a great speech! That’s the kind of thing you always wish you could say and so rarely get the chance.

Random thoughts…

  • I really like all the music in this one!
  • Jazz doesn’t do much work, does she?
  • I’m kind of amazed that she’s this old and she’s never been to India to visit relatives

Overall I enjoyed this movie but it’s not on my favorites list.


For next week we will be watching Paa, which is on Netflix streaming. It’s been recommended, though I’m a little nervous about it. As I said before, disability issues are something that I’m very connected to and I’m not sure what to expect from this movie on that theme.

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