Hindi Lullabies

Hindi Lullabies March 7, 2016

I’ve been trying to learn Hindi for a very long time now. I feel ashamed that I’m not further along but I guess part of it is that I compare myself to the end goal of fluency rather than looking back at how far I’ve come. I’ve made progress, slow though it has been. And right now all I can see is how much more I have to learn. It’s tough but the fact is that I love Hindi and it may be my favorite in the world (sorry, Sanskrit!).

I spoke with a good friend about my language learning frustrations and he had a great suggestion. He said now that I have a good foundation with it, I should pick one thing to learn really completely. One song, one poem, one something. To just memorize it and study it until I’ve learned it completely and I understand it completely. Then move on to another. This is similar to how he learns Kung Fu. Learn one form inside and out before moving to the next. Learn all that one form has to teach you. This way you have a focus and you’re not constantly looking at how much more you have to learn, how far behind you are, how overwhelming the task of mastery is.

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Photo by Danielle MacInnes, https://unsplash.com/dsmacinnes

What a great opportunity, I realized, to utilize my request on Twitter for Hindi lullabies. Now that I’m in the third trimester of my pregnancy, little Garrick Ravi can hear my voice. I want to learn a Hindi lullaby to start singing to him now so that when he is born it will be a comforting and familiar song.

So I plan to do both. To pick a good song for Garrick Ravi and to learn it inside and out so I really understand it.

Here are the suggestions that people on Twitter gave me for Hindi lullabies:


This one is to a girl, so not quite right for me!

What suggestions do you have? Are there others I should be choosing from?


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