31 More Things To Do Between Now and Samhain

31 More Things To Do Between Now and Samhain September 28, 2021

Last year, I wrote a blog post on 31 Things To Do Between Now and Samhain, and it proved to be such a popular and commented upon blog, that I figured I would do a sequel this year! Thanks to all those who sent me their ideas and actions, some of which are included on the list below.

Photo by Larisa-K via Pixabay.

Samhain is soon upon us, and many of us are eager to celebrate earlier and earlier. One leaf falls, the wind blows a little chillier, and we are off! To the decorating, planning and enjoying of the season. For me, following the Wheel of the Year is not limited to just one day, but includes preparation of the time before and afterwards. The anticipation and the post-celebration energy ensure that the observance is truly savored.

Without further ado, here are 31 MORE things to do between now and Samhain:

  1. Decorate in a different way: Pick a new theme, use items of nature, or incorporate other meaningful items to your celebration. Get rid of or pass on decorations you no longer feel connected to, and recycle when possible.
  2. Volunteer: Who’s got time for that? Well, we all do. Find something that you can do to give back, whether it be online, donations, or offering your time for a cause dear to your heart.
  3. Ground and Center: In the busy-ness of this season, we can forget to do so, figure out a way to incorporate this into your daily routine. Maybe a note on your mirror or an alarm reminder. Not sure how to do so? Here is some info.
  4. Plan to be outside: Soak up all the vitamin D, and schedule time out in nature. Apple or pumpkin picking, a beach, lake or mountain trip, or time at your nearest state park. Get out there and savor the elements.
  5. Brush up on some new magick: Learn about acorn spells, hearthcraft workings, kitchen spice magic and more. Lots of information online, follow what interests you and see where you go.
  6. Get a new Witches Hat: Splurge on a new one, and wear it about town! It makes running errands much more fun.
  7. Plan a Witches’ Tea: Got a new hat? (see #6) Set up a tea with a few friends, and wear your finest. Or schedule one online, due to social distancing. Savor a new flavor of tea, or create your own blend. Gather safely and enjoy!
  8. Amp Up Your Protection: If you are not already adding protection to your daily rituals, add some now. Check protections on your home, your family and yourself. Hematite, shungite and tourmaline are all good to work with in this area, whether it be in jewelry or in their natural forms.
  9. Find some new witchy, spooky movies to watch: Pick a few you haven’t seen before! A good resource is the book, Lights, Camera, Witchcraft by Heather Greene.
  10.  Power down on social media: Take a break from all the social media, and if that seems too overwhelming to do at the moment, try it for a few days to start. What can you fill your time with, that you used to spend scrolling? The possibilities are endless! Fill it with things you love.
  11. Get some new candles: Get some new candles, whether you prefer scented or unscented, black or orange, or some in  fun Halloween or spooky shapes. So many varieties out there, here is a place to start.
  12. Invest in some bath bombs: There are a plethora of magical-looking bath bombs out there, some set with magical intentions and herbs. Bathing is a good way of releasing things that no longer serve you, so get a few new ones to add to your magical tool kit. Or create your own mixture!
  13. Freshen up your Ancestor Altar: If you do the same thing every year, try to switch it up a bit. Honor a different relative, try different candles or offerings. All will be appreciated.
  14. Honor different ancestors: If it is painful to honor family origins, honor someone else that has affected your life. I have mentioned Literary Ancestor Altars, but you can set one up for a favorite musician, film director, chef or Supreme Court Justice (I always honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg).
  15. Check in with people: As we are heading into winter, check in with people in your life. Send a quick text, write a letter, send a funny meme. Being thought about is such a gift, and it only takes a little bit of time to show you care. Bonus points if you follow up and are more in touch than you have been afterwards.
  16. Start a Gratitude Journal: It’s the Witches’ New Year, so what better time to start fresh than with a new journal. Write down three things a day, and continue the tradition until next Samhain. You can make it part of your Samhain ritual next year to review all that’s happened in the previous year.
  17. Find a new form of divination: Get a new deck or check into any other form of divination you’ve always been curious about, but have never tried. Crystal ball scrying, bibliomancy, and lithomancy are but a few suggestions of the variety of choices available.
  18. Buy or create a new blanket: A blanket brings comfort and can add to your decor, so freshen up your home sanctuary with a cozy throw or full blanket for your bed. Find a Fall or Halloween themed one to add some fun to your comfort.
  19. Name your home: Is there an aspect of your home that would inspire a name for it? Something about naming your home’s spirit can connect and ground you even more deeply to the place you live. You can keep it secret, or have the name etched onto a plaque and create a naming ceremony for it. With all the chaos in the world, it will feel good to have your home be a grounding force in your life.
  20. Add some Samhain inspired pins and/or stickers to your life: So many are available on Etsy and elsewhere. Add the pins to your tote bag or backpack, add the stickers to your water bottle or laptop. A large bit of joy for a small amount of money.
  21. Carve a turnip: Pumpkins are fun, but have you ever carved a turnip? They make fun little lanterns and are part of Celtic tradition. Have them hanging up, or as an indoor decoration.
  22. Experience all the elements: Scatter some birdseed (Air) enjoy a bonfire (Fire) swim in a lake (Water) and dance enthusiastically in your backyard (Earth). See what I did there? Add your own interpretations and see what you come up with.
  23. Review your spiritual practice: Are you content being a solitary practitioner or are you longing for community? What does community look like for you? Do you want to connect with a specific deity? Do you need to reconcile your past spiritual traditions with your present ones? Can they co-exist? Take some time to really think about this, and visualize what you want your spiritual practice to look like, and move on from there. You will thank yourself later.
  24. Celebrate the New Moon and the Hunter’s Moon this month: Find information online or create your own ritual.
  25. Sample new beverages: Yes, there is pumpkin spice everything, but have you seen the beverage aisles lately? Full of possibility. Come up with a new recipe for a Samhain punch or October drink.
  26. Add some Samhain color to your life: Dye your hair (temporary of permanent), get a manicure and/or a pedicure in Samhain colors, design or look for tattoo ideas, try some temporary tattoos if permanent are not an option, find a pair of funky socks, or some striped tights. Brighten up your usual everyday, it’s one of our favorite months!
  27. Visit a cemetery: Walk around (respectfully), take note of some of the intricate carvings, listen to the whisper of the wind, and enjoy the history that is before you. You may discover something new about where you live, if you follow up or begin with some research.
  28. Get out your cauldron: Have one? Great! If not, antique shops may have some, or maybe get one of those Halloween ones for candy. Learn more about cauldrons here.
  29. Make at least one family recipe this month: Whether it’s Grandma’s favorite cookie or your mom’s meatloaf, make some family favorites. If you have not created a family favorite yet, this is the month to experiment!
  30. Nostalgia:  What did you like about your childhood Octobers? Apple picking? Jumping into a pile of leaves? A family vacation? Whatever it is, add it to your celebrations this month.
  31. I end this list as I did last time: Enjoy every single day this month. Fear has no place in October (except the fun, spooky kind) so live life safely and joyously. Blessed Be! Have a wonderful and meaningful Samhain!

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