The Magical Art of the Pivot

The Magical Art of the Pivot April 4, 2022

This blog notes an anniversary: four years on April 1st since I began this blog. I look back at that first post, and can still feel the joy and wonder of writing it. As with many milestones in life, so much has happened in the intervening years between that first post and now.

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In four years, I changed jobs in two different fields, began a wonderful relationship, moved, helped my younger son surmount his cancer diagnosis (he is in remission, and continues to be so, Blessed Be!), became ordained in Brigid’s name, deepened my relationship with Brigid and other deities who guide me, wrote a book (published in June!), strengthened my spiritual practices, lived through an ongoing pandemic, and survived loss, like so many of us have. I don’t write that list to brag by any means, it is more for me than you, dear reader, but whew. It has been a full four years. Even I marvel at it. We as humans don’t have it easy, but I do feel that by doing spell work, having a spiritual practice, and honoring the deities that guide and protect me have something to do with surviving and in some cases, a bit of thriving.

During those years, I steadily wrote this blog. There were times I felt like I was writing into a void, a lot of “who cares what I write?” and some “why on earth am I doing this?”. Then a person would send me a message and say how my words helped them, that it turned their perspective around, and that I had inspired them to return to their practice. I remain grateful. Taking the time to write to me is always received with gratitude, because I know how busy our lives are, and how our attention can be pulled in a million different directions at once. Thank you readers, because your comment and sharing helped me focus on my purpose to help and inspire people, and nurture my creativity. It keeps me going.

Which leads me to the topic of this blog: the magical art of the pivot. In life, we can come up against obstacles, and either bulldoze our way through them, stop completely, or pivot. The word “pivot” probably brings to mind Ross Gellar from the TV show Friends, when he screams this word repeatedly as Rachel and Chandler help him move a couch up the stairs. But the pivot, when living a magical life, may be a bit less “loud”.

The pivot occurs when a spell is not working, our heart suddenly isn’t into the magical work we are doing, life is overwhelming, we are not sure what to do next, and when we question our own spiritual practices. It’s the moment when you come up against a wall of some sort in your plans, some resistance, and you stop, back up, and pause. You either give up in that moment, or you move in another direction. There is much magic in that moment of the pivot. In the liminal space, before you make a plan, the next steps hang in the balance. Sure, you can ignore that pause and march on through the next steps or moments, but it is a time to take a breath, ground, center, and shield.

For me, it is also a reminder to also place my hand on my heart, and remember what is most important to me in my life. To do this yourself, choose three or six things that are important to you, and use that list to get yourself back to center. It can even become a mantra of sorts. When you get to that moment of the pivot, place your hand on your heart, and slowly go through that list, taking a deep breath after you list each one. All else will fall away. If not, go over the list mentally until you feel a sense of calm and centeredness.

The pivot can be a good thing, being led in another direction. It is important to remember to listen to your inner voice, the one you recognize, that is not the messages you play in your head. Find the way to distinguish between the two. It’s the whisper that tells you to try a different way or do something else. Many times I have asked my guides, “Why would I do this?!”, but with a gulp, follow their directions. It takes a bit of faith, and a knowledge that they have steered me to where I am thus far. It is a leap, and can be scary. Yet amazing things can come out of that pivot. Many of the events that have happened in these past few years have come from a magical pivot.

Try it yourself, and let me know how your pivots turn out. Of if you are feeling stuck, walk yourself through the steps I outlined above, and see if that makes a difference. It takes a bit of practice, so don’t get frustrated if things don’t happen right away! Effectively dealing with pivots can be a fulfilling part of your magical practice, may it be ever so.

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