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Marketplace Faith

“Work:” Four-Letter Word or Key To Life

As part of the launch of Marketplace Faith, I’m sharing some reflections on my faith and work history. These posts reveal aspects of the “why” that drives the writing of this blog. Work as four-letter word: My youngest memories of work come from household chores. Work was the task you completed so you could get [Read More...]

Profession of Faith

How to Achieve Workplace Justice

If you are in a position of leadership in your organization, please consider privileging "what is good" and "what is true" and "how things ought to be" over "how it will look."

Work Cited

Best Books for Business: I Beg to Differ by Tim Muehlhoff

By Christine A. Scheller; part of a series at called “Best Books for Business.” Stay tuned for more! Many years ago, I heard the theory of entropy applied to relationships. Their quality has a tendency to decline over time, this person said. Without effort, couples (and coworkers) may find themselves wondering how they ever [Read More...]


Unsanctified Mercy: Integrating Compassion and Conviction for Human Flourishing

By Charlie Self Compassion is a marvelous virtue. Feeling concern for others and acting sacrificially — especially on behalf of those that cannot return the favor — reveals mature character and contributes to human flourishing. Compassion moves missionaries and monks to great efforts as they plant churches, pioneer institutions, and work for justice across cultures [Read More...]

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