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How are movies morally forming our children? We asked an actual 8-year-old

What are the best five animated movies you’ve seen that were made in the last ten years? I’d say the three Miyazaki movies: Ponyo, Arietty, and Up on Poppy Hill, and also Frozen and Brave. What do you like so much about Ponyo? It’s kind of funny, and I like how Miyazaki likes to put [Read More...]


The Expendable Worker: Looking for Hope in the On-Demand Economy

“Low, low prices.” With that motto, a generation ago Walmart took over the world of retail. For years Walmart seemed untouchable; they could consume any competitor with volume, price and efficiency. Yet in the past several years, some have questioned whether the Walmart empire has a gaping hole in the center. Forbes reported in 2014 [Read More...]


Church Leaders: Please Affirm the High Calling of Our Daily Work

Church leaders, rightly, have a primary thing on their mind: The mandate to see people come to salvation in Christ. Church programs, worship services, missional small groups, and outreach events are all geared toward obeying the Great Commission that Jesus gave us in Matthew 28 to “go and make disciples…” The Commission to Make Disciples [Read More...]

Profession of Faith

A Work-Family Meal

The featured chef reported the most important thing he learned from one of his fellow restauranteurs. He said that she told him that the most important thing was for the whole staff to sit down, half an hour before service started, and have a family-style meal together. The documentary didn't show one of these work-family meals, but it seemed to indicate that the chef-owner took the suggestion seriously, and that it spilled over into how he saw and spoke of his staff.

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