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Editor's Choice

Charting Church Leadership

Our model for leadership is a pagan prostitute

What is a Canaanite prostitute from Jericho doing right next to "our father Abraham" as an example of "faith with deeds" in the best-known passage of the Biblical letter from James (2:14-28)?

David Rupert - Red Letter Believers

Robbed at Knifepoint. Could I give thanks?

Nearly 25 years ago, I was walking in a crowded street in Panama City, Panama while on assignment with the Air National Guard. It was broad daylight –and safe — so I thought. Suddenly, I saw a figure rushing at me from my peripheral vision, and then another from the opposite side. Before I knew [Read More...]

Work Cited

Returning to the Horizon of Hope: Advent Devotionals

There are so many great new Advent devotionals, I can’t tell you about them all now — and, there are a number of equally wonderful, useful ones from other years about which I have to remind you.  As a retailer, I just can’t bring myself to write about Christmas resources earlier in the fall — [Read More...]

Shrinking the Camel

Scared of Layoffs? Take Some Advice from Jesus.

Guest Blog posting today by Executive Leadership Coach, Dr. Stephen Payne. Even with a steady job, this recession is a real test of my faith. Just how will we all get through it? I know that some of the business leaders I coach are very worried about the future of their businesses. It seems that [Read More...]


Secular/Sacred Dualism is Destroying Our Mission

Miroslav Volf wrote, “All Christians have several gifts of the Spirit. Since most of these gifts can be exercised only through work, work must be considered a central aspect of Christian living… But what does the Spirit of God have to do with the mundane work of human beings? According to most Protestant theology, very [Read More...]

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