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Editor's Choice

Charting Church Leadership

Wheaton, model strong leadership: defend Dr. Hawkins

Do pastors, entrepreneurs, managers, and supervisors have anything to do with the controversy over Wheaton College Professor Larycia Hawkins? Absolutely. This is not an obscure and bizarre academic controversy. It’s very relevant to your job and your company and your church.


Your Calling and the Holy Spirit

A major problem with our modern conception of vocation is that we preceive our “spiritual” life as disconnected from the actual work that we do as participation in the mission of God. In his excellent book that explores theology of vocation, Miroslav Volf contends, “The sphere of the new creation cannot be tied to the [Read More...]

David Rupert - Red Letter Believers

Groundhog Day: What’s next for your life?

Saturday it was 60 degrees. Today’s snowfall will exceed 10-12 inches. “Will it be the winter of despair or the spring of hope?” asked Charles Dickens. In a thousand different ways in a thousand different times I’ve asked that very question in my heart of hearts. I’m not alone. I’ve had jobs that seemed to be without any [Read More...]

Marketplace Faith

Expert Advice: A surprise bridge across the faith-work divide.

  Teaching Fisherman How to Fish Imagine this. You are a fisherman, a commercial fisherman. The men in your family have lived this work for as many generations back as you can remember. You know the secrets of the trade—how to find the fish and when to give up when casting your nets is a [Read More...]

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