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Amazon: Niche or Norm? –A Question of Valuing Human Complexity

By Stephen Milliken Headlining a look into Amazon’s work environment, The New York Times’ recent article exposes the company’s cutting-edge business practices. As the article prophesies, these innovative and relentlessly-aggressive business practices are blazing the trail for the future of business in a global market – and we can expect more of the same. Before [Read More...]


3 Things I Wish Pope Francis Knew About A Free Economy

By Joe Carter Pope Francis has said that he’s generally “allergic” to financial matters. Yet that hasn’t stopped him from criticizing capitalism and suggesting radical changes for a global economic order. During his recent trip to Latin America, the pontiff has been especially denunciatory, saying the unfettered pursuit of money is “the dung of the [Read More...]

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Faithfully juggling flaming chain saws: 2 books on work-life balance

This post originally appeared at The Well. Thanks, folks, for letting us reprint it! For the past couple of months, I’ve been carrying around two books with odd titles in my backpack. (Yes, even though I’m 40 years old, I still use a backpack.) One is called Faithful is Successful: Notes to the Driven Pilgrim [Read More...]

David Rupert - Red Letter Believers

The Day I Wore Crazy Socks to Work

Our days had been especially stressful with organization chance, outside attention from media and internal employee unrest. Everyone was on edge. My jokes fell flat. My smiles were met with frowns. The dark clouds threatened to rain on every conversation. I thought I would inject a little fun into the office. I considered wearing a [Read More...]

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