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Gathering Nectar

Sita and Snow White

I've sometimes wondered if the Ramayana is part of the source material for Snow White. Ancient Greeks thought it was a retelling of their Iliad -- a beautiful queen is captured and a war is fought to bring her back. While I'll admit those elements are missing from Snow White, it has other elements in common with the Ramayana that the Iliad does not.

Hindu 2.0

A Brief History of Indian Classical Music

Divine Truth, artistically represented to perception and feeling, forms the center of the whole world of art. Truth however, as is often said, is half concealed and half revealed and hence needs closer acquaintance and association, before its full beauty is revealed. The artist in man feels it, is inspired by it, and feels happy [Read More...]

The White Hindu

Happy American Thanksgiving!

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in America and I’ll be taking a few days off the blog to spend time with my family! Last year I put together a little guide on how to have an American Thanksgiving, so here is the link to that if you’d like to give it a try. I included links [Read More...]


How Delhi’s heart mocks Secular ideals in India

Bodhan was a Hindu Saint.  A renunciate.  He lived in the kingdom of Sikander Lodhi.  In his great Secular moment, the renunciate said - Islam and Hindu Dharma are both equally acceptable to God if followed with sincerity.  Very secular and very fair it would seem to many.  However, Sikander Lodhi had him burnt alive.  Because [Read More...]

Seeking Shanti

Race, Religion & Human RIghts

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Patheos community here.  This summer has been one of ups and downs, showcasing the critical relationship between race, religion and the struggle for human rights. My summer began with a workshop in June: along with about 150 [Read More...]

God in the Age of Kali

Tyagaraja: The Poet Saint

Tyagaraja's music is indeed divine, and he not only wrote lovingly about his chosen deity, Sri Rama, but wrote more than a dozen songs on the nature and beauty of spiritual music.

Meditation for Life

Out with the Old

The miracle of recapitulation is that it creates a natural current of self-awareness that can bring transformation all by itself.

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on Vishnu

Watch Vishnu on PBS. See more from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

Sacred Bodies of Water