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Godless in Dixie

Can You Choose NOT to Believe?

I try not to get sucked into too many arguments about religion in my friends’ social media spaces because I never know how personally their friends and relatives will take the discussion. Arguing in the comment section of a blog or on Reddit is one thing, but when you’re on people’s Facebook walls you may be crossing [Read More...]

Cross Examined

Guest Post: The Resurrection and Alternative Facts

Consider two curious events claimed in Matthew to have happened at the time of the crucifixion. Do scholars back up Christians’ claims about them? And how does that empower us to stand up to “alternative facts” in Christian apologetics?

Love Joy Feminism

“I’m saying they deserve to be raped, but…”

Unless we assume that Wilson honestly does not understand that the "slut walk" movement was about rape and assault and not simply about mistaken identity, the implication here is that being raped or assaulted is simply the "cost" of being a prostitute, and if you don't want to be raped or assaulted you shouldn't dress like a prostitute. Why wear those skinny, sexy clothes if you don't understand that there's a cost involved?Click through to read more!


Kentucky legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ students

What does the new law mean for students?

Roll to Disbelieve

Lord Snow Presides #4: How Can We Miss Them If They Won’t Go Away?

I'm torn between mocking them to within an inch of their lives for flouncing away, and pitying them for not understanding that our modern values of consent and liberty are exactly what will prevent their visions from ever coming true.


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