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Godless in Dixie

Can You Choose NOT to Believe?

I try not to get sucked into too many arguments about religion in my friends’ social media spaces because I never know how personally their friends and relatives will take the discussion. Arguing in the comment section of a blog or on Reddit is one thing, but when you’re on people’s Facebook walls you may be crossing [Read More...]

Cross Examined

Maybe People CAN Change Their Minds After All

We don’t think like Mr. Spock. Biases and rationalizations and errors make our reasoning imperfect. Understanding those imperfections can help those of us trying to get others to change an intellectual position.

A Tippling Philosopher

Naturalistic Gods?

I have argued here before that there can be no supernatural beings. Anything that could characterize, or be evidence for, any being whatever, will necessarily be natural evidence: a statement of regularities about how the universe–i.e., nature–works. That is, whatever could qualify as evidence for a belief would be a description of how the universe [Read More...]

Love Joy Feminism

Evangelical Editor Sees Persecution at Airbnb

It seems World Magazine's editor-in-chief, Marvin Olasky, is a longterm participant on Airbnb. In addition to using the service for themselves when they traveled, they also made their own home available on Airbnb when they were out of town. "We made money; Airbnb made money; the city of Austin and the state of Texas made money (15 percent of our gross revenue)," Olasky explains. But all of that was about to change.Click through to read more!


Kentucky legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ students

What does the new law mean for students?

Roll to Disbelieve

Christian Opportunism in Action.

In comments last time we met up, we learned about yet another set of those guesses, all presented as amazing new ideas that would totally work to convert people without backfiring and making evangelicals look like pickup-artist creeps.


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