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Roll to Disbelieve

A Creationist Accidentally Exposes the Big Problem with Creationism.

I caught this little local news snippet yesterday and thought it was interesting--both for what it says, and what it doesn't say. It's about a Creationist coming to a local church in that area to give a lecture about his branch of fundagelical pseudoscience. What this church doesn't realize is that their guest speaker is part of the reason for their religion's dwindling numbers, relevance, and credibility.

Love Joy Feminism

Trump Agriculture Nominee Credits Serial Sexual Predator as His Spiritual Mentor

Over the years, many have compared IBLP to a cult, and Gothard to a cult leader. He had that affect on people---he could command unswerving loyalty and unadulterated devotion, and render people willing to ignore the warning signs. And Perdue, it seems, is one of those who fell under his spell. I realize that none of this has anything to do with agriculture. It has a lot more to do with judgement, though---and a white old boys' club willing to ignore those trampled underfoot.Click through to read more!

Secular Cinephile

“Elle”: Misogyny Masquerading as Feminism

Sexual violence and manipulation fill the screen in this disturbing drama from Paul Verhoeven.


Ken Ham: Majority consensus is always wrong and God will ‘Make America Great Again’

If the entire scientific community accepts something as true, says Ken Ham, then it is obviously false because they didn't accept it before.


Dear Anti-SJWs: If You’re Gonna Insult Us, At Least Try To Be Relevant

'You're so ugly I wanna see you die' is usually a bit off-topic.

Foxy Folklorist

#FolkloreThursday: Joke Cycle

What's better than one joke? A whole cycle of them! Here I define a joke cycle in terms of folklore studies, focusing on the relevance factor.

Able To Choose

“Finish The Race” That Has No Finish Line (January 19 – Living Without Jesus, Daily)

January 19: “Finish The Race” (That Has No Finish Line) Part 19/365: An atheist reviews a Christian devotional. (If you are new to this page, here’s a little background.) Dear Karen, I’ve tried to play nice. Yesterday I even admitted that I almost agreed with the day’s devotions (until they took a turn for the [Read More...]

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