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Humanist Plus

Are Liberal Christians The Most Dishonest Christians?

After the critique of Christian theology got underway in earnest in the West—beginning with Cherbury, Blount, and Toland in the seventeenth century; continuing with Voltaire, D’Holbach, Gibbon, Hume, Paine, Collins, Turner, and numerous others in the eighteenth century; continuing with Feuerbach, Shelly, Eliot, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Stanton, Bradlaugh, Ingersoll, Robertson, and many others of the nineteenth [Read More...]

Blinky & Sal

Spider Baby III – Forebodings Most Ominous

Blinky & Sal: cartoons to be wary of. I feel like every town needs an Oswald. PART I HERE. Come back on Thursday for Spider Baby part IV. Subscribe here and/or follow on Facebook. Never miss an episode!  

No Sacred Cows

A Trip to Scientology’s Secret Underground “Armageddon Bunker” Near My House

You may not know this, but the Church of Scientology has a top secret underground base in Southern California where they have nuclear-safe bunkers for Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and other top church officials. It’s an extremely secretive building, hidden away in the San Bernardino mountains a few hours outside of Los Angeles, and the [Read More...]

Godless in Dixie

Maybe Belief Is a Matter of Choice for Some

I’ve gotten into more than my fair share of interchanges with people on the internet arguing over whether or not faith is a matter of personal volition. Can you simply choose to believe in God or Jesus if you don’t already? And do people who leave the faith of their youth do so by choice? Or [Read More...]

Cross Examined

Guest Post: The Disparity Between Religion and Reason

What drives Christian belief? Is it evidence and logic, as many Christians say? Here’s a test to find out.

Roll to Disbelieve

The Different Types of Christian Ghosting.

Today I'll show you the two kinds of Christian ghosting, how prevalent ghosting has become in that community, and a very likely reason for why it's happening so much lately. And in the doing, maybe we'll see something here that we can use to understand ourselves better.


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