Hillary wore a $12,000 carpet and you’re sexist if you hated it

Rule number one in politics: Never make fun of a candidate’s wardrobe unless their name is Sarah Palin.
But can we seriously talk about Hillary Clinton’s $12,000 patio rug she mistook for a “jacket” — this… thing… which appears to have been designed by Giorgio Armani’s cat looking for a new place to scratch? It’s a fabric and fit that is as spectacularly hideous as it is pricey.

It’s the kind of thing you’d never wear when lecturing on income inequality, unless your last name is Clinton and aren’t concerned with being consistent. What Hillary did was expert-level trolling, especially coming from a woman who has made well over $100 million just for opening her mouth. (But good for her, right? After all, she did pull herself up from nothing after she and Bill left the White House dead broke!)

But there were those of us who couldn’t help but ridicule this fashion faux pas made by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and now we’re paying the price (although WAY less than 12 grand) by getting smeared with the Left’s cry of sexism.

That’s right! Just for pointing out the obvious, that makes you sexist now. But do you know what isn’t sexist? Ridiculing Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, which if you’ll remember, was media fodder for weeks back when she was John McCain’s running mate for vice president.

Back then, there wasn’t a leftist news station or commentator on television that wasn’t deriding the former Alaskan governor for spending too much on clothing. But never, ever, was there one peep about it being sexist.

That’s because the Left controls the language and can change meanings whenever it’s convenient for them.

So, take heed, America. Leave Hillary and her pantsuits alone! Who are we to knock her Kim Jong Un-inspired tyranny jackets? Bill obviously loves them, so why can’t we?

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  • Oak Tree Lady

    When she visited Sacramento City College and spoke before a “raucous crowd of 1,200,” it was over 100 degrees so naturally she wore something that looked like plaid body armor. So ugly, shapeless and unfashionable – I don’t see anyone running to emulate her fashion sense!

  • Barbara


    Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • Adrian S

      It’s so funny that they’re the ones complaining about people being over-sensitive about anything when they’re the ones overreacting on the most idiotic things. It’s her right to wear anything she wants and affords. If there’s any wrong doing regarding spending and donations, let’s see the proof.

  • ReneeWebb

    This hit Snopes well before this article. Have the decency to research before posting. Spreading half truths is disingenuous at best.