From pantsuits to conference-room carpets, she’s worn them all. Hillary Clinton: “Style Icon”

Fashion week in New York can mean only one thing: a bunch of looney designers dressed a bunch of stick-thin women in hideous rags most people wouldn’t be caught dead in and called it stylish. But you might be surprised who inspired the looks this year: that famous “style icon,” Hillary Clinton.

Hold on for just a second…


Whew, that’s really funny and extremely hard to believe, but it’s right there in black and white over at The Washington Post:

The Democratic presidential nominee is, by no means, the typical fashion icon, not in the manner of an actress, a musician or even First Lady Michelle Obama. But it is hard to deny her influence, whether direct or indirect — on so many designers.

So, ladies, if you’ve ever felt like copping your grandma’s stylish moo moo or resurrect your first-grade, oversized painter’s smock, there’s never been a better time. Hillary’s looks are all the rage, apparently, and will be hitting the showroom floor at your local Dress Barn (probably). If nothing else, Hillary’s burka-esque cover-ups will keep your nice clothes underneath from getting soiled with food and other undesirable substances. (*NOTE: Clothes do NOT come in Monica Blue and are made of stainable fabrics.)

Below, you will find the latest looks hot off the campaign trail.

For occasions when you want to look granny-strong, yet, comfy enough to take a bad fall, wear Frump City:

Two words: Elvis’s Pajamas — guaranteed to get you arrested by the fashion police:

This next selection comes in multiple colors, but Hillary’s favorite is Prison Jumpsuit Orange. She gives it a thumbs-up. (*NOTE: Inmate numbers are optional):

 The Carpetbagger — nothing says, “Don’t touch me, Bill” like this multi-colored tapestry:


Speaking of carpet, this conference-room pile cost Hillary a whopping $12,000. It’s so expensive because it’s all-weather conditioning means you can use it as an outdoor patio rug during the off-season:


That’s not an optical illusion; that’s just downright ugly! But it’s repetitive, hypnotic; vertigo-inducing pattern is guaranteed to make you forget about the daily grind of e-mails, infidelities, under-the-table deals, or anyone you “may” have gotten killed:


Last but not least, here’s one of Hillary’s most popular looks that have really taken off. You won’t BELIEVE who’s wearing it:



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