Coach Fired for Kneeling After Games to Pray: ‘Why Don’t I Have the Same Rights as Kneeling-Protesters?’

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This is powerful.  The Federalist explains a significant double-standard as it applies to kneeling on the football field:

Two men find themselves at the center of controversy for taking a knee: Colin Kaepernick and Joseph Kennedy. Kaepernick is known for taking a knee in a pre-game protest. Kennedy is known for taking a knee in a post-game prayer.

You probably know where this is going.  The School District took the free speech rights away from Coach Kennedy by forbidding “free association to the coaches, players, students, and parents who wanted to join” in prayer. Kaepernick, however, is now a hero — he can kneel anytime he wants to, apparently.

Watch Coach Kennedy discuss this double standard below – then tell us what YOU think in the below poll.

The coach makes an excellent point.  Tell the NFL what YOU think below:

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Hat tip: The Federalist 

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  • Shirley Freeland

    Wish someone would get a petition up to restore this coach’s job. No one in this Country should ever be fired because of praying anywhere. This is not a Communist country even though people on the left are striving for that. President Trump needs to get his job back for him.