‘South Park’ Mocks Liberals — ‘Stop Preaching Facts to Me!’

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Fans of South Park know that the show does mockery better than most.  Though it’s often uncomfortable when they turn their acrid humor on values you support, there’s a certain joy in seeing them roast liberals and political correctness.  

Recently, they set their sights on the fact that the media absolutely freaks out  every single time President Donald Trump gets on social media.  You may remember that — at one point — reporters said they weren’t even going to report on his Tweets.

You see how long that lasted.

South Park did a great send up of their Trump Tweet hysteria.  In this episode, two characters, Craig and Tweek, are heading to an amusement park so that Tweek can stop thinking about politics all the time.  However, one tweet from the President sends the character into a panic.

Here’s the dialogue, via Independent Journal Review:

Craig: I’m trying to make you feel better.

Tweek: Well maybe I don’t wanna feel better right now!

Craig: OK. But think about that. That actually doesn’t make any sense.

Tweek: Why do you have to be so logical? I don’t need you to problem-solve all the time! I need you to … ugh … I don’t know!

Craig: All week you’ve been freaking out and I’ve been the one forced to deal with it.

Tweek: How have you been dealing with it? You’ve been trying to make it go away because my emotions are freaking you out!

The funny thing? You can absolutely imagine liberals having that exact conversation.  Don’t believe me?  Remember when this MSNBC panelist said that some of her friends are still in therapy over Trump’s victory?

Here’s the truth.  Trump lives in the heads of media, rent free…  and it’s fun for South Park to skewer that.  Watch their segment below:


Hat Tip: Independent Journal Review

Image Credit: Screen Cap

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