Hysterical Democrat Lawmaker Fakes Medical Emergency to Get Out of Ticket – Cop Doesn’t Buy It

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This is priceless.  Isn’t it funny how lawmakers want all of us to follow the laws, but they just can’t do it themselves?

New York lawmaker Jennifer Schwartz Berky’s was recently pulled over by Officer Gary Short for speeding.  (Naturally, she was driving a Prius.)  She did everything she could to get out of the ticket in an encounter that lasted a full half an hour.  During the exchange, she admitted to being on the phone and speeding — and at one point, she faked a medical emergency.

Independence Journal Review has just a partial list of Berky’s excuses and the ways she tried to throw her weight around to get out of the ticket:

  • On the phone with her son.
  • Going with the flow of traffic.
  • She’s a local lawmaker.
  • On her way to a job interview.
  • On her way to take her son to parties.
  • If she didn’t go with the flow of traffic, other drivers would honk at her.
  • She started crying.
  • She wailed that the fines were too expensive.
  • Said she suffered from PTSD.
  • Appeared to feign a panic attack while appearing to hyperventilate and then calmly answered her phone.
  • Accused officer of singling her out.
  • Said she missed the job interview.
  • Claimed cop was ruining her career.
  • Said the officer made her feel unsafe.
  • “I work 24 hours a day just to support my family.”
  • Calls assistant during the call to see if her schedule is clear for court date.

Good grief!  This just shows you how incredibly entitled our lawmakers sometimes are.  I bet the police officer was amused by her antics, but I’m sick and tired of government officials believing they are above the law.

Watch this encounter below:

Hat Tip: Independence Journal Review

Image Credit: Screen Cap

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