VIDEO: These Former Presidents All Declared Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

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Last week, Donald Trump made a very controversial announcement: the United States would no longer recognize Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel.  Rather, we’d move our embassy to Jerusalem.

The media was apoplectic over this decision.  Fox News has a rundown of some of the response:

CBS Correspondent Seth Doane warned of violence on a global scale: “There are concerns about violence not only here and across the Middle East, but this also could provide rationale for terrorist attacks in the West as well.”

CNN Global Affairs Analyst Aaron David Miller said President Trump’s action was like hitting Palestinians “over the head with a hammer.”

ABC described it as President Trump “reversing nearly seven decades of U.S. policy.” The network paid no heed to the law Congress passed 22 years ago making it U.S. policy to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel was especially apocalyptic. “I think a lot of countries are going to look at this and say the president took a dangerous foreign policy decision that has real world consequences, could – can cost lives for domestic reasons,” he told the MSNBC crowd. He also called it “profoundly unsettling.”

The pundits were even worse. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews warned, “By the way, deaths are coming now because of this.”

But US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said this is what the American people have always wanted.  “For 22 years you have had presidents and the American people ask for the embassy to be moved, and no president — not Clinton, not Bush, not Obama — actually had the courage to make that move and listen to the will of the American people,” she said on CNN.

Wait, what?  So Clinton, Bush and Obama all wanted the same thing?  That’s not something you’d assume based on the hysterical reaction of the media.

Watch this tweet that shows Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama echoing Trump’s most controversial decision:

Featured Image Credit: Screen Cap Twitter

Top Image Credit: Wikimedia

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