Jesus Commands: “Come to Me”

Do you feel weary, weighed down by the drudgery and burdens of life? Read more

Jesus Commands: Fast, but not to Impress Others

Jesus commands and expects his followers to fast from time to time. Yet fasting is not something that is widely discussed in the Church today. Read more

Jesus Commands: “Repent and Believe”

The first command of Jesus recorded in Mark’s gospel is ‘Repent and believe‘. These twin words are like two sides of the same coin. Read more

Jesus Commands: Be Born Again

At the beginning of this year, I have resolved to look more closely at the commands of Jesus. And to learn to obey them. Since Christians are meant to be followers of Jesus, it is remarkable that we don’t pay more attention to his actual words. In my recent post on establishing a foundation in your life, I addressed some words of Jesus which we are perhaps overfamiliar with: “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice… Read more

2017: A year of Challenge and Recovery

  At this stage of the year I always like to review what has gone on in the past twelve months, and highlight some of my posts from the last year. Regular readers of my blog will be aware of the challenges I have faced on a personal level with regard to my sickness this year, so I won’t reiterate them here.   As a result, however, I have posted so infrequently I will share all this years articles below.  Many of… Read more

Warnie’s Most Read Posts During 2017

It is my habit at this point in the year to highlight my most popular posts of the past year. This is based on how many times these posts have been viewed throughout the year.  It is a good reminder that what is new is not always what is best, since none of these posts were written this year! As such, it is a walk down memory lane, or a peek back in time. I know that many of these choices will… Read more

Establishing a Firm Foundation in Your Life

As the year draws to a close, it is appropriate that I also conclude my series on suffering, and more specifically, a series of articles that focussed a verse sent to me by a friend back in October 2016. I have been clinging onto these words ever more firmly since.  I have already posted an introduction, and a series of posts on each word of a string of promises that Peter makes his readers: After you have suffered a little while, the… Read more

Giving Thanks IN Your Suffering, Not FOR It

I don’t thank God FOR my suffering I thank him IN it, and I thank him DESPITE it. Read more

Reformation: 500 years young

Five hundred years later some Christians seem almost embarrassed about the Reformation. Not me. Read more

Did My Sin Cause Me To Be Sick?

Perhaps one of the most painful and unhelpful things we can say to someone who is sick is to suggest that their sickness is directly caused by their sin. Read more

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