June 12, 2020

This morning we heard that the UK economy shrank by 20% in April. The human cost is astronomical. And churches are reaching out to meet that need. Both physically with huge numbers of people depending on food banks staffed and run mostly by churches. But people are also looking to the church for spiritual needs too. 70% of churches have seen growth in attendance since the lockdown as online services attract people who have never stepped foot inside a church.... Read more

June 11, 2020

Something special is happening here in Britain. Similar reports are coming in from around the world.  I never imagined I would be able to type the next sentence: Since lock down 1 in 4 British people have attended an online service.  That is an astonishing figure. And if you look at young adults the proportion is even higher at one in three! All this was reported in The Guardian which is not exactly known for being pro-church. And in breaking news... Read more

June 5, 2020

Three ways to save a life 1. donate blood     2. Donate Stem Cells     3. Donate your covid19 antibodies Find out more. One day I might need someone else’s blood to be given to me so I can live. Actually so might you. When we take communion we remember the death of our Lord and in some mysterious way we take his blood into us. His blood was shed for us not in part, but in its... Read more

June 1, 2020

So following yesterday’s change to the advice (and it was always only advice!)  we decided to have a go at walking out. This is a great little bonus extra to add to my ongoing series on Corona Hope that you might find interesting. It was a bit scary. But we decided to go really early when many would  still be in bed. We drove to a big open space with wide paths. And we were fully ready to come back... Read more

May 31, 2020

There are moments when any freedom loving, justice seeking, honourable person MUST speak up. This is one such moment. My pastor Tope Koleoso spoke out wisely and deeply personally about one such injustice this morning. He was of course speaking about the horrendous event in the USA. I have very little to add except that we simply cannot tolerate the cold blooded murder of a black suspect by a white policeman in the 21st Century. I am also deeply concerned... Read more

May 28, 2020

$1 billion gamble? Or the miracle we are all waiting for? That is the huge question. And at a time when many are in despair about the Corona-crunch, Christians are uniquely able to lift up our heads and continue to hope.  We don’t hope blindly. We are not fools.  We know that the vaccine may not work. But we dare to believe that there is a God in heaven who is FOR us.  And that things WILL kind of work... Read more

May 26, 2020

As a Christian who believes in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and even wrote two books about it, I often feel like I should be full of hope, peace and joy at all times. Yet as I tried to explain in my three year anniversary reflections the truth is the last years have been a struggle to not let go of all three of those things. It is a battle we all face. But it is a battle that can... Read more

May 24, 2020

In this article I talk about how difficult it can be to talk about strong emotions when you suffer with a serious or chronic illness. There are attached two short videos by psychologists which speak about how trying to force ourselves or other people to “be positive” can be counter productive. If you struggle with grief, depression, anxiety, or simply concern about a health condition you may find these clips helpful. Or if you are well yourself but struggle to... Read more

May 21, 2020

Dr Brian Koffman is a modern day pioneer, married to Patty who is the co-founder with him of perhaps one of the most remarkable patient groups around CLL Society Inc.. It is an absolute privilege to have both of them frequenting our little corner of the web, and even more so that he agreed to be interviewed (often Brian is the one doing the interviewing). The conversation was deep and rich and you can see it right here on this... Read more

May 20, 2020

I wake this morning feeling very sober. But also very glad to be alive. Mixed motions for sure. You could even say that I was “sorrowful yet always rejoicing.” I hope you will humour me sharing a vide clip of the passage of Scripture that phrase comes from. Sometimes people accuse me of over sharing, if that is true then perhaps so did the Apostle Paul in this desperate yet somehow hopeful passage which resonates with my experience these past... Read more

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