Expository preaching

9Marks does a fantastic job of defending preaching, the website begins

Why don’t we just quit preaching? Considering the widespread popularity of engaging anecdotes and vivid vignettes, wouldn’t it be more effective to simply tell a few captivating stories on Sunday Morning? And why think specifically about expositional preaching – that brand so often associated with excruciating boredom and half-empty pews? In our fast paced society of sports tickers and sound bite infotainment, can we really expect anyone to have the patience for a serious exposition of an ancient text? In an age that has developed a pungent distaste for the exclusivity of religious truth, how can the authoritative tone of expositional preaching hold any promise at all? In a voyeuristic culture inundated with glossy magazines and risqu sitcoms, maybe pastors would be wise to modernize – quit the text-centered approach and accommodate to our culture’s predilection for the visual. So what do you think? Why preach?

I will be visiting that site again to read the bits I didnt get to

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