"Infant baptism cannot be argued from the bible" says methodist blogger

My earlier gauntlet on Infant baptism has led to the following frank admission: “I have to be honest that the practice of infant baptism is cannot be well-argued from the New Testament. The best that can be done is to claim that it might be implicit in the practice of household baptism, though that is far from certain. But we do know that it is a very ancient practice in the church, as the situation changed from a church of adult converts to include the children of Christian parents. It is mentioned in the writings of Tertullian, Hippolytus and Origen so we know that it was widely practised by the year 200 or so. Furthermore, the Reformers affirmed that the baptism of infants was a gift from God. “

As much as I love the men of God cited, if its not in the bible its not for me.

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