Churches lead by teams of very different people change the world

It is important to note that the churches in Acts were led by teams. This was such a crucial thing to Paul that there was an occassion when he refused to preach when a door was open to him because his team were not with him.

This point is so vital that I intend to dwell on it for several posts, in a sub-series “leadership teamwork that changes the world”

For today suffice it to say that the bible nothing of the modern concept of one man exclusively leading. Teams need a leader for sure, and Paul was the driver, making things happen. He was always focussed on the task before him and eager to move onto the next place. He was also the spokesman, we do not hear of Barnabus preaching.

Barnabus appeared to be focussed on people- and was an encourager- indeed he went to get Paul and draw him into minstry. Both Paul and Barnabus had something to offer. We need different sorts of people in our teams.

One way to think of the differences between people is to think of the answers to two simple questions-
1. Are they focussed on the task like Paul or the people like Barnabus?
2. Are they voccal like Paul or a behind the scenes person like Barnabus?

Of course people can be task focussed and behind the scenes or people focussed and voccal. How these different sorts of people interact and what they can bring to the party is vital for us to consider more fully.

This series continues at Teamwork will change the world

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