To Whom Should We Then Preach?

Blogotional: issues a challenge which sadly I do not have time to address this week- so maybe one of my readers can do so for us:

“I’d like to issue a challenge to those in the ‘preaching can do both in the same context category.’ It’s twofold. Please provide an exegesis of Hebrews 6:1-2 as quoted in my original post linked above and apply that to preaching within the context of regular Sunday worship. Also, what model would you have a church follow in terms of organization and structure to provide for both outreach and maturity within the context of a Sunday morning.?”

What I will say is that preaching to both the unbeliever and the believer at the same time is what we try and do in our london church. I can best make my point by asking you to listen to a sermon from there- my most recent one on Cornellius is as good as any.

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