An E-Reproof for Reformed (or Not Reformed) Cessationists

If I may borrow some my of dear friend’s bandwidth and storage space, I wanted to humbly use my posting privilege here to point you all to a ever so slight emotional eruption I had concerning the current debate/discussion over charismatics and charismaniacs. I’m deeply concerned by the prevalent attitude among many of my reformed cessationist brothers and sisters that so quickly writes off a charismatic or charismaniac simply because of some evident errors in interpretation, application, thinking and living. Though I speak to no one in particular (perhaps out of the fear of man), my thoughts are intended for cessationists in general. I pray the Lord may use this E-Reproof as a means of grace to correct some definite idols of the heart in this area.

First, read my post from earlier this summer (July 22, 2005) on, “The Gospel Helps us Hold Others in High Regard.

Second, read today’s post entitled, “The Effect of the Gospel on How We Perceive Others.”

Thanks Adrian, for this privilege, and I don’t take it lightly, and try to use it sparingly.

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