More on the charismatic debate

Cerulean Sanctum, Chis Daukas, True Grit and Gaddabout have blogged for the charismatic side. Posts from the other side seem rather sparse- I can only find one from David Wayne, and he doesnt really count as most people think he and I are the same person anyway! Meanwhile Rob continues to tirelessly keep us up to date with all the goings on.

So really, it would be almost unfair of me to wade in with very much today, so I wont…. Its a shame that our cessationist friends seem to tire so easily. Perhaps those long worship services where you jig about in time to drum and bass and then foget to sit down give us charismaniacs more stamina?

UPDATE– the above comment was intended as a JOKE. Unfortunately jokes dont always come accross well on the internet. Someone felt that I sounded cocky. I have cause offense to at least one brother and I am very sorry for that, please take the above in the way in which it was intended.

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