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In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 26th most-read post on this blog. The 27th most-read post was “The Best Blond Joke in the World Ever.”

If you don’t yet own Logos Bible Software, then this offer is still available. If you purchase through my site, I receive some reimbursement as a result. You will not regret this, I’m sure!


I’m delighted to be able to bring you a very special deal from one of my favorite Christian companies. Logos Bible Software has offered readers of my blog a 25% discount if they follow the link from my site and purchase one of their base libraries, adding the code WARNOCK at check-out.

What is Bible software and why should I want it?” you might ask me. In this digital age, Bible software uniquely enables you to study the Bible in depth in a way that previous generations could only dream of doing. When I first began studying to preach, I could sometimes be found in the London-based Evangelical Library with a load of books strewn on the desk in front of me. Logos soon put a stop to that!

For many years now—if I want to check out the meaning of a Bible passage, or do a word study in the original Greek, or indeed check out the latest theological thinking on a certain subject—I almost always turn to my full-time personal digital assistant—where I can get the information I need in seconds. I call my growing collection of electronic commentaries, lexicons, Bibles, interlinear Bibles, reference books, and theological journals my personal Theological Seminary in a Box.

Just one example of what is available—almost all of John MacArthur’s life works can be purchased on just one disk! (What will I use as a doorstop now, you ask?) There are, in fact, thousands of books and products that you can add to your Logos library.

Over the years I have found this software to be an invaluable resource in sermon preparation, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. At first glance the prices do not seem cheap, I will admit, but there are two things to remember:

  1. The first is that, per book, the prices are very low. Scholar Gold, for example, works out at less than $1.50 a book! To buy the print copies of these amazing resources has been estimated by the makers to cost over $11,000!
  2. The second is that I know many of you will have at least considered putting careers on hold and remortgaging your homes in order to pay for a theological education. Some people might actually find this software to be a better investment, or at the least, buying it might help you decide if Bible college really is for you and thereby save a costly mistake! A few hundred dollars to save a few thousand is not a bad idea.

For me at least, I have found that this software goes a long way towards covering my own lack of theological degrees. Certainly I have needed to learn from others in real life (and have, in fact, done day release courses over the years). But with Logos, the pooled expertise of thousands of scholars is instantly at my fingertips!

Being able to search your entire library for references to that obscure Bible verse you are trying to understand is a virtual life-send when preparing a sermon. It is like being able to ask thousands of scholars what, if anything, they have written on a particular verse, and getting an answer from any of them who have done so in only a matter of seconds!

Even if you are not a preacher, I can’t recommend this resource highly enough, and I hope you will benefit from it over many many years, as I have.

A wise man or woman invests their money where it will have a return in the long-term. A copy of any of these Logos Bible Software libraries is just such an investment. Enjoy it, and enjoy the discount with my blessing, and thanks for reading this blog.

At least now you have something to read during my holiday, if you didn’t already have before! I will be back to blogging sometime in mid-to-late August – Dan Phillips and the rest will have to wait until then—I obviously do have unfinished business there! In the meantime, enjoy the Warnie headlines!

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