Logos Mac Alpha is Here

Logos Mac Alpha is Here March 17, 2008

Its not complete. Several important features do not work yet. BUT, you can now get Logos Bible Software to work on a mac! I really, really like the interface. If you own a mac, and either have a second PC or run parallels there is no no reason NOT to buy a logos package of your own as you CAN use your unlocked PC books on the new mac version.

Dont uninstall Parallels yet as its still early days. If you are like me, and don’t want to waste too much hard disk space you can get parallels logos to look for its files in the shared folder that is actually your documents on the Mac, you can tell Mac Logos to look in the same place for its book files. Works just fine. Searches are FAST! Collections can be copied across also.

Its possible to drag say a bible window into a different workspace or even monitor and make full use of the flexibility of the mac screen.

All is sweet. As they add new features it will get sweeter still!!

Thanks Logos!

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