2008 Top Posts Numbers 29 and 30

As you read this, I have just returned from a blog holiday. Thanks to Blogger’s scheduling feature, I have been able to give this blogger a rest without any interruption of posts while I was away. Although I am now back, and while I do have to return to work, I want to maintain some sense of the rest and relaxation that hopefully I was able to enjoy. Therefore the auto-published posts will continue without the usual attention from my editor, as I am giving her a break, too.

Since I am basically away, it’s a good time to introduce you to a new blog. It’s by my friend, Joel Virgo, and some of his fellow elders at Church of Christ the King. There are lots of cool posts already, including a report from the recent New Day Youth Conference. So go read it right now! I have decided to give this blog a “Warnie Award,” and their posts will appear in my sidebar from now on.

The next fifteen days will see me release the top thirty posts here on the blog as defined by their readership from the 1st of January 2008 through the 31st of July 2008. I will share links to two such posts a day, and I hope that you will find it a useful chance to catch up with some of my older material that you may not have seen before. Posts that are similar or in a series will only be represented by the most popular post.

Let me introduce you to the 30th most read post, which is no small thing when there are over 3,000 others that didn’t make the top thirty. The post is a short one, giving my response to John Piper’s announcement that he plans to attach a Bible college to his church, which will have a very different philosophy and charging structure.

In 29th place is my interview with my friend, Justin Taylor.

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