TOAM Session 9 – R.A.W. By P.J. Smyth

1. Risk
When Joshua was old God told him he was old he was told that there was still much to do.

Elephants are very undomesticated. They take risks. They are raw. Never say you won’t do something because there is a risk attached to it. We are a herd and we need to be skilled at uncertainty.

“Maybe the Lord is with us!” Keep that word maybe in your vocab. God save us from weak effeminate Christianity.

Jim Elliot said lets gamble our lives for Christ. We need to stand firm and act like men as Paul said to the Corinthians.

Men are being castrated in our age in terms of leadership in the home and the church. We don’t just want to prophesy we want live prophetically. Eg marrying and having kids.

PJ challenged the men to as Spurgeon put it to not turn “milksop.” Elephants charge, they don’t always think about the consequences.

We don’t want to build a zoo. We do not want to be domesticated.


2. Authority
Elephants have authority. Acts 17 Authority is not about shouting, or claiming authority. Its about knowing what Christ has made you to be. We can have a pesudo humility that is really fear and passivity. The humblest man on the battleground was the man that took on Goliath.

PJ increasingly says “Men of Jo’burh” like Paul said “Men of Athens”

He acknowledges that he has checked them out, but then changes gear and just says “God is God!” He doesn’t say “What are your felt needs?” He then tells them all their temples are a waste of time!

Little Paul took on Athens. God created cities and nations and determined where people should live so that the gospel could reach them. We are not grasshoppers.

Matthew 5:13 We are salt, but how salty are we? How effective are we. Let our light shine for glory of God. Its not seek ye great things for yourself, its for the kingdom.

Only a fool would hide a light under a bowl. We are not just authorized we are provoked to be visible. Be challenged to be in the highlight for God.

For them Jo’burg’s Monte Casino is the epitomy of their city. They put up a billboard which said “Jo’burg loves sex. God loves Sex. Lets Talk . GodFirst Church”

God gives technology and media for us to grab a hold of. The reason Earth has been created is that men might reach for God.

Everywhere you place your feet God will give you.

3. Wild

Keep it wild. We are together because we are on a mission. Its not in a vacuum. In a time of transition, we could become self-obsessed with structure and wondering. Lets not be infatuated with the wineskins, instead lets be infatuated with the wine!

Lets just play the game!

Let mission motivate.

Let mission create structure.

Honor each other, honor gift. See what emerges.

Elephants don’t do steering committees.

We must be wild worshipers in these times of transition.

2 Samuel 6:14

David worships before the Lord with all his might with the whole house of Israel. We do all these things before the Lord.

Don’t get civilized. Leaders get suspicious when things are going well.

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