Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-07-11

  • “A fantastic treatment of the resurrection and it’s importance right now in the life of every believer”: “Starts o… #
  • Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-07-04: Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-06-27: Twitter Weekly Archive Pos… #
  • @drantbradley RU talking specifically about the horrible website? Please know this white man sees nothing Christian about it. Prayed 4U in reply to drantbradley #
  • I can't believe it. #TOAM is tomorrow. That has totally crept up on me this year! #
  • Want to follow tweets about newfrontiers Together On A Mission? Read all #TOAM and #TOAM10 tweets at #
  • RT @bryanmowrey Great time w/ @topekoleoso yesterday. Fascinating & brilliant man. Very excited that he is our @mobiliseusa 2011 speaker. #
  • @purpleclaire I can confirm I am still in London. So it wasn't me already at Brightons #toam in reply to purpleclaire #
  • TOAM – Scott Marques on the forceful advance of the Kingdom of God: As we gathered to worship, here at the Newfron… #
  • TOAM – Terry Virgo on Ephesians 6: Terry began by saying he has always loved the book of Ephesians. He admitted a… #
  • Anyone heard how @pj_Smyth 's operation went ? The whole of #TOAM prayed about his lymph gland. #
  • TOAM – Brian Mowrey’s video blogs: I thought I would highlight one of several other bloggers who are here at the c… #
  • TOAM – Eleven Things that can’t be blogged: This year more than most there is much that I am experiencing here tha… #
  • TOAM – Guest post from Mrs Warnock on transition: I was chatting with my wife, Andrée today as we were getting the… #
  • RT @amiloizides: "Courage doesn't always roar.Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says 'I'll try again 2morrow' #
  • TOAM – Terry Virgo on Prayer from Ephesians 6 #
  • TOAM10 – Joel Virgo on 2 Samuel 10: This is my notes from the final session from this years Together On a Mission… #
  • RT @alistairbirch: At #toam / #mobilise Hungry 4 more? Pour fresh truth about Christ into your ears via new audio book #
  • RT @bryanmowrey: re-energized about the nations at #toam 1st thing got home, an Uzbekistan neighbor knocks on my door. Been in USA 3 yrs. #
  • A friend was stirred by call to care for the poor at #TOAM Began to plan a ministry then realised he never visits his elderly neighbour #
  • Was stirred today to pray for my friend @pj_smith that he would know if God is calling him be public or private about his lymphoma treatment #
  • Was stirred today to pray for my friend @pj_smyth that he would know if God is calling him be public or private about his lymphoma treatment #
  • Praying for peace and an inexplicable joy for @pj_smyth Ashley the boys and Godfirst Church on this the first Sunday post lymphoma diagnosis #
  • @iggyinMontana to clarify: I pray @pj_smyth to know how much of his response to share publicly. He doesn't have to do a @mattchandler74 #
  • @PJ_smyth has written to GodFirst church about his cancer here: #
  • 16 Things I am grateful for by Charis Warnock: This is a guest post from my daughter Charis (aged 9). We would do … #
  • RT @vince_honeycomb: "Jesus is not a memory, but a living presence." William Barclay, via @adrianwarnock 's RWC. #
  • RT @vince_honeycomb: Grateful 2 u 4 illuminatin 1Cor1 in terms of inferred resurrection in refs 2 salvation thru Christ's death #synecdoche #
  • We were feeding everyone late tonight. In my grace I prayed out loud that holland would win the world cup. In seconds Spain scored & won! #

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