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Get Uncomfortable! Guest post by Ami Loizides Pruett

Today's is the second guest post from Ami Loizides Pruett of this summer season. Do follow her blog for more of this engaging material.This past weekend for me was spent in the hospital (nothing serious!) and the night I got out I found myself praying and kind of apologising to God for not having spent time with Him. My prayers came to a standstill as my mind churned and I thought back to the drama and fears of the last few days...hold on a second! I realised that a) there's grace and God … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-08-29

Abby Enck, Age 8: Social Entrepreneur: This post is from Brett and Alex Harris, those dynamos who keep reminding k... # … [Read more...]

Giving thanks for our food – Guest post by Andrew Fountain

This post comes from my friend Andrew Fountain, pastor of New Life Church Toronto:Some of us were brought up in a legalistic environment where it was a fearful sin to eat food without first “saying grace”.✱ I remember hearing of one woman who wanted to know how much food she there needed to be for her to have to give thanks. She was told that no grace was required for a cookie, but a coffee and doughnut required it. Those of us who have come to enjoy God’s grace and understand that we are no-lo … [Read more...]

One Day: a personal perspective on a summer read guest post by Purple Claire

Today's blog comes from a new friend of mine, Purple Claire. Do go read her blog if you like her writing style:If I were the obsessive compulsive type – say, the kind of person who carries books around in their original Amazon packaging and shudders slightly when someone asks to borrow one, in case they break the spine – if I were that kind of person, I would have planned it: I started reading One Day on 15th July. For those not yet on the bandwagon, it’s a novel which charts the ups and downs … [Read more...]

Abby Enck, Age 8: Social Entrepreneur

This post is from Brett and Alex Harris, those dynamos who keep reminding kids that they can achieve great things with their life: Abby Enck is only eight-years-old, but her story provides an excellent blueprint for rebelutionaries on how to make a difference. This shy girl found a cause close to home (supporting her brother who has cerebral palsy) and took one small step to meet that need (raising $4.50 selling lemonade to buy crayons).Once she had developed a successful model, she multiplied … [Read more...]

Guest post: Sibbes on the New Creation

Guest post by Dave Bish.Terry Virgo argues persuasively, and with some controversy, that Christians are not sinners but saints. In this he takes seriously that the believer is a new creation. This is no innovative teaching. Puritan Richard Sibbes wrote in his sermon Josiah's Reformation: The Tender Heart“It is a supernatural disposition of a true child of God to have a tender, soft, and a melting heart.”Whereas he argues that naturally the heart is“a stony heart… say what you will to a hard hea … [Read more...]

Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-08-22

JOLLYBLOGGER: The Truth is Uglier Than We Think, God is More Beautiful Than we Realize: Attached is a quote from m... # TOAM10 – Interview on Church planting in Australia: Pete Brooks leads the Pacific Rim team of Newfrontiers and Gra... # … [Read more...]

Guest Post – Dan the quote man

Today I share another guest post kindly contributed to help me go on blogging leave:I’m not really a blogger.  I’m not really a filer either.  But I often read things that I’d like to keep.  Whether they be in the newspaper as I’m taking the train into town, articles and talks online or books that I’m reading.  There are lots of quotes, ideas, thoughts and stories that might be useful when it comes to writing sermons.And it turns out there are other people like that too. And so quotestonote. … [Read more...]

Church in Vienna a guest post from James Devenish

Today's post comes from a church planting buddy of mine, James Devenish, the pastor of International Chapel of Vienna.I love doing what I do – it is a great privilege and very humbling to preach the Gospel. I pastor an International church.Vienna is a great city – steeped in history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and famous for wonderful classical music. A night out in Vienna is to don a collar and tie and take in a concert – a lot different from eating a Kebab from “Greasy Sid’s” on the way … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Interview on Church planting in Australia

Pete Brooks leads the Pacific Rim team of Newfrontiers and Grace City Church in Sydney. He speaks in this video about the challenges and rewards of planting on the opposite side of the world, even though Australia was where he was born and raised. Pete was a great person to interview and I am sure that this story will thrill you, inspire you, and make you ask the important question before you rush into a church plant: am I SURE that this is what God wants me to do? Pete also talks about an … [Read more...]