Mobilise USA begins

Mobilise USA begins January 14, 2011

So they not only let me into the country, they also let me into the students and twenties conference! Back home in the UK I am routinely banned from going to students and twenties events, even when they call it twenties PLUS as our guys back at Jubilee London do. I suppose that as I do actually turn 40 in just a couple of months, I should not be surprised. Shh…don’t tell my American friends or they might throw me out! Gonna feel a bit old over the next few days, unless I just pretend to be young again . . .

I am actually really excited about today’s conference. To my mind America represents a massive opportunity for churches like ours. I have met over the years many delightful American brothers and sisters from all kinds of church backgrounds. But one thing they often say is that many of them have not really ever seen a good model of a charismatic church that is also solidly reformed in doctrine. It seems America needs many more of such churches. Who knows how many churches might in some ways have their conception at this event as God puts his hands on young people for future service?

Such churches do exist this side of the pond. It is just that, unlike in Britain, there are relatively few churches that have partnered in a nationwide family of churches that is explicitly charismatic and reformed. There are some, however, and I am thrilled to be meeting up today with some very dear brothers and sisters, some of whom I met last year, and some of whom I have yet to meet in the flesh. Wherever in the world I go, connecting with brothers and sisters from the Newfrontiers family is always a real joy. I am also glad that on this trip I will also get to connect with some other non-Newfrontiers friends.

If you are an American reformed charismatic looking for fellowship, you could do a lot worse than attending a Newfrontiers event. I know that there will be a number here today who are not actually members of Newfrontiers. If you are at the event, do come and say hi!

I am here with Tope Koleoso and I will be live blogging most of the sessions. The conference will include material on watching your life and doctrine, prayer, the life of the Spirit and other things. If you can’t be here, I will give you as much of a flavor as I can. Hopefully it will make you want to come to another event, such as for example the International Newfrontiers conference that will be taking place in the UK this July. People will be coming to that from all over the world. If you are a regular blog reader, I would love to see you there!

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