Live a God Centered Life – Tope Koleoso (1 Tim 4:16)

Almost 500 raucous students and twenties just created a whole lot of noise in this place. But, as a hotel guest who was not part of the conference noted, it was not because of too much drinking. The music sounded at times like it would not have been out of place at a party. There was dancing, there were hands lifted. We celebrated our Great God. There is truly no one like our Jesus. Our God really does reign. We were served well by a band that enthusiastically led us into God’s presence.

Tope Koleoso spoke about the text “Watch your life and doctrine closely , . .” (1 timothy 4:16)

He began by asking, what is it all about ? His answer was simply, that your life may glorify God. He explained that Paul wanted Timothy to be an example to the other believers, despite his relative youth. He urged the crowd to follow Piper’s advice: Don’t waste your life. Live a God centered live.

Your life is a gift. Use it wisely lest you throw it away. How do you handle a life carefully? How do you live a God centered life?

1. An anointed life – Set apart for a particular role. The one who anoints you is saying, my presence will be with you. You have an anointing from the almighty. You live for an audience of one. God has set you apart. He called you when you were in a messed up state. The only thing I added to my salvation is my sin. Because of grace, you want to live for him.

2. Abide in Christ – Enjoy him. John 15 tells us that Jesus is the vine. We must stay in Christ, live in him, and he in us. We must value Jesus, love him. Take the word of God and so read it, study it, so it is inside you. That Christ may be formed in us. The goal is that we don’t have the word, the word has us. Your advice comes from the Scriptures. Your worldview comes from the Bible and not the world. Abiding is also about worship. How long will you live between two kingdoms? Choose one and live in that one.

3. A Spirit-Filled Life.
Every Christian has the Spirit, but at some point an in-filling happens. No longer led by your own ideas but by God almighty. We need ongoing encounters with God. Salvation is not just a destination that we have arrived at, it is a destiny set before us. Not just about your position in Christ, but finding your purpose. The heart becomes tenderized.

4. Godly Character – We live in a world that is anti-authority. Many do not want to listen to the Bible. Psalm 2 could be paraphrased “God is in his holy temple, let everybody shut up!” Watch your life closely. You need someone above you who cares for you and loves you enough to tell the truth. People want to hear what they want to hear. Don’t be like Samson who was anointed but had a flawed character.
Proverbs 6 tells us the things that God hates.

5. An ordered life – Ephesians 5:15 tells us to be careful how we walk. Discipline and order. If you just go with the flow, you will end up in the gutter.

6. A Trusting life – Trust God. Numbers 16. They had to learn to trust him after the manna stopped. Trust in him every day for everything in your life.

7. A life of gratitude – Learns to say thankful to God. Be grateful and thrilled with what God has done for you. We do not deserve what God does for us. The more you thank him, even when things are tough, the more he paves the way for your future.

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