VIDEO: Has Rob Bell demonstrated clearly that he is not an Evangelical any more?

In this clip I tell Rob Bell that because he has a very different approach to the Bible, it is hard to accept him as an Evangelical.  I also explain that the main reason for the anger of many evangelicals is that we have learned to expect and to a certain extent accept this kind of teaching from others outside the evangelical movement but within the broader Christian movement.  Surely Bell is just another neo-liberal just like Steve Chalke. What is hard to accept is someone who we thought of as “one of us” demonstrating he is no longer one of us.

This excerpt does of course leave the question very much hanging, “What is an Evangelical?” and in 2012 I attempted to answer that more fully.

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  • Donna Carlaw

    Very interesting. I have not read Bell’s books, nor do I plan to. He has lost me completely because of his views on homosexuality. He went way off the Biblical charts on that one. Neo liberal, progressive Christian, and maybe even closer to a New Age mystic than anything, I suppose.

    I am reminded of a demonized man we dealt with once. He had become a follower of a guru teaching something like the human potential movement. The guru had his followers receive Jesus, which gave them a feeling of great peace and pure love. Our friend later realized that he had believed in a false Christ, one that filled him with demons and then abandoned him. He came to faith in the real Christ, but never really recovered completely. .He had other issues as well.

    Jesus warned us that there are many false Christs. Bell is preaching a false one, I believe. That will become clearer as time goes on, I suppose. Thank you for posting these articles about Bell. Very sad to see him go astray like this.