God wants to bless you! Tope Koleoso in St Louis

You would think I hear Tope preaching enough, but here I am sitting in my host’s house here in New Jersey watching some of this video from this morning’s service in Jubilee Church St Louis where Tope was preaching. It’s well worth watching, he preaches on how to receive God’s blessing. God loves you and wants to, and is eager to bless you!

Tope’s main points were:

  1. Being blessed starts with obedience
  2. It is advanced by faith
  3. It involves sacrifice
  4. Is sustained by faith
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  • For years I have searched for people who believe that the instructions in the Word were not just something to think about, but instead were commands we are to strive to obey out of our love and belief in God, which is Living Faith. I believe God wants to bless us with overcoming of our sinful nature and the benefits of that overcoming. And striving to obey His New Testament commands is the key to enable Him to empower us to overcome. I just came across your webpage Adrian and noticed that you described the instructions of the New Testament as “commands”. I have had many talks with Christians and Ministers and have yet to find any who agreed with me. Perhaps you see what I see, that if God gives an instruction it is something we should strive to do, not just something He is urging us to consider.

    • Well Jesus in Matthew 28 says we are to teach everyone to OBEY. So it’s a slam dunk.

      • Thanks for the confirmation Adrian. However when I have tried to tell others that this command to obey applies to ALL the New Testament instructions. The response I get is that we are to obey only the instructions they percieve as commands. Then they divide the instructions into whatever set of those they believe are commands and those they believe are suggestions. And of course everyone’s list is different. So nothing changes. Everyone picks and chooses according to their individual mind and heart set. Therefore they do not believe that the instructions to be of one mind, and examine the scriptures to find what God’s mind is, is a command. They elect to consider those instructions to be only a suggestion. Yet the Bible says unity is a prerequisite to things God will do. So it seems that this lack of unity limits how God gets glorified and how much He can do for us. Do you know of an answer to this? By the way, do you know of anyone you can recommend in the Monterey, California, USA area?