Prophetic Encouragement – fulfilling your destiny in God

Yesterday I preached a remixed version of a sermon i have preached before on Barnabas. I found myself getting all Pentecostal! So if you want the orderly version and a set of notes for this talk, read the old version. If on the other hand, you want to hear what happened when I found myself preaching in The Perfecting Church, a growing, lively church in New Jersey you can listen to the new version here.

Here are a couple of key phrases from the talk:

In God’s kingdom fulfilling your destiny has a lot to do with helping others fulfill their’s. Becoming an expert in dispensing and receiving prophetic encouragement is key to this.

It’s not about you. It’s about Jesus.

God wants to give you a place and a purpose in the people of God.

Barnabas was a big man who didn’t need a big role to make a big difference.

NT prophecy is much more than a “thus sayeth The Lord” moment. In a sense every word the Christian says is meant to be prophetic.

It’s OK to grieve as a Christian. Its just that we grieve differently because we have a hope.

One person with a gift of encouragement can transform a whole church.

Don’t date the church marry her!

The Christian walk is like a three legged stool. You have your relationship with God in prayer and bible reading making one leg. Then there is attending the larger gathering of Gods people to praise and hear preaching. But without the third leg of smaller groups and or one to one where we can be prophetically encouraged the stool will fall over.

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