Team Pyro Discussion and personal reflections on two very different conferences

I wanted to share some very personal reflections here. This is a bit in-house so if you are a new reader from the Global Faith Forum you may want to move along, especially if you are from another faith. But it was ironic to me that just as we were talking about how people from different faiths can disagree but still get along, we seem to be having some difficulties getting along with some people within our own faith. So here is a video I have uploaded that talks about the relationship between the Global Faith Forum and recent goings on with Strange Fire.

I’m afraid I somehow cut off the first few seconds of the video, but all I had said was that I wanted to share some personal feedback at the end of this conference where we have been talking openly with different faith groups…

As I mentioned in the video, Team Pyro has posted the results of a discussion I have been having with one of their number, Frank. As could be predicted it wasn’t entirely pleasant. But, if you are interested you can read the results here:

Frank Turk and Adrian Warnock talk Strange Fire


As I also mentioned in the video, there are two posts you might be interested to check out on Muslim and Christian agreements and disagreements about Jesus:

Things Muslims and Christians agree on about Jesus

Things Muslims and Christians disagree on about Jesus

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