Giving Thanks IN Your Suffering, Not FOR It

I don’t thank God FOR my suffering I thank him IN it, and I thank him DESPITE it. Read more

Reformation: 500 years young

Five hundred years later some Christians seem almost embarrassed about the Reformation. Not me. Read more

Did My Sin Cause Me To Be Sick?

Perhaps one of the most painful and unhelpful things we can say to someone who is sick is to suggest that their sickness is directly caused by their sin. Read more

God strengthens those of weak faith

There is a brand of muscular faith that is promoted by some today. According to this school of thought you will be healed or blessed by God if you can only believe strongly enough, shout loudly enough, deny the realities facing you robustly enough, refuse to listen to the diagnoses of doctors stubbornly enough, and basically be positive enough. If you are anything like me, your faith is not strong enough for that. Perhaps your faith is weak like mine. Maybe you… Read more

God’s Selection Criteria

Imagine reading an advertisement for a job. In the person specification it asked for weak people, foolish people, despised people, those who think they are nothing. Would you apply? Read more

Top Ten Healing Do’s and Don’ts

I offer these ten tips, each with a do and a don’t, for the Christian who is sick and seeking healing. Read more

Audacious Promises that God will Heal You

Are you sick? Or are you in a prolonged recovery from a sickness? God promises to ‘confirm’ you. Read more

Already AND Not Yet: Expecting God’s Blessing

“Come to Jesus and all your problems will immediately disappear,” said no Evangelist ever, or at least I hope not! Read more

God Restores the Broken

Do you feel broken, inadequate, ‘washed up’ and somehow past your sell by date? Welcome to the club. Read more

Christian, You Are Not Suffering Alone

There is something inherently lonely about suffering. As much as others try to be empathetic, they cannot fully understand. Read more

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