Enough for so called 419 spammers to earn “hundreds of millions of dollars annually” Read more

Man gets “spam rage” over penis ad Read more

Possibly stating the obvious, Joshua Claybourn reports: “People who keep up with current events are less depressed than those who avoid it. ‘The happiest people are those who take an interest in the world and participate in their community” Indeed, believe it or not the events of 9/11 leading as it did to a greater sense of belonging for Anglosaxons apparently led to a REDUCTION in the number of suicides for a month. The trouble with our society these days… Read more

Iraqi Sites Guide – The Mass Graves A site to make you mourn for the opression that Iraquis suffered under Sadaam. Read more

All obedience begins in the affections, and nothing in religion is done right, that is not done there first. (Matthew Henry on Mt 22:39-40 – the greatest commandment) We are separated by some period of time from Matthew Henry I fear that we no longer understand what he meant by affection. You see love biblically is not simply a wishy washy feeling. Jonathon Edwards who was of the same era as Matthew Henry said of the affections that they were… Read more

Dad to Tamasin- I love you Tamasin to Dad- Thats funnyI love the letter U too, I love the way you write it actually! Read more

I have just come accross The UK LifeLeaguethey report “Over 6 million British babies have been killed by abortion since 1967, nearly 700 a day at present. Modern technology, imaging techniques and research have shown beyond doubt that the unborn child is very much a human being. Don’t be fooled by the de-humanizing language used by abortion clinics, ‘family planning’ clinics and pro-choice groups. When it comes to life we believe in calling a spade a spade. Abortion is not… Read more

LAte abortions in the UK are strictly limited to those who have severe handicaps. Cleft lips, surely were not intended by the law to be included. So sue them decided a brave curate. Read more

John Davies: “Thousands are using the avenue of writing to express their deepest anguish, and their deepest hopes, and articulate enduring dreams that won’t go away.’ ” This is so true- in my case at least over the last few days the dream that wont go away is being crowned Adrian I the king of Blogs- well its all in the name of good fun anyway! Read more

Thanks to One Hand Clapping for this quote: “‘It is not the American war machine that should be of the utmost concern to Muslims. What threatens the future of Islam, in fact its very survival, is American democracy.’ . .” This war on terror really is a war for freedom and our way of life Read more

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