Dandelion Seeds: Pagan Future is Cultural Pioneering

Courtesy of Melissa Hill

Maybe pagans walking to the beat of their own drummer isn’t so bad. In this look at the future of paganism our differences turn out to be just as important as our similarities. [Read more...]

Irish-American Witchcraft: Sacred Tattooing – Decorating the Temple that is your Body

A second devotional tattoo to Macha, featuring a horse, blade, and hooded crow.

Our bodies, ultimately, can be seen as the most constant place of our worship, the central location that we honor spirit from, and for some of us tattooing is a way to sanctify, bless, and acknowledge that space and the Gods and spirits who are served from it. [Read more...]

Seeking the Grail: Activism – Can’t You Take a Joke?


Recently, I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I used to work there in my teens and early twenties, and it’s a place I used to feel was “home,” a refuge from the outer mundane world. But, this time, a funny thing happened. A lot of the schtick wasn’t funny anymore. [Read more...]

The Rantin’ Raven: You Got Some Splainin’ To Do…

Schmidt_Alex / Shutterstock.com

So once again some bozo in some backwater police department encountered a case that squicked him out and for lack of a better explanation he assumed “them Wiccans did it.” [Read more...]

Happily Heathen: My Journey to Devotional Polytheism

Ritual accoutremont for a small blot / Cara Freyasdaughter

The path I took from Christianity to Devotional Polytheism was guided by a need for direct interaction with deity and a desire to connect more with my ancestry. Heathenry gave me both. #WhyIAmHappilyHeathen [Read more...]

Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft: Pagan Parenting and Divorce

https://pixabay.com/en/users/stevepb-282134/ / Pixabay.com (CC0 Public Domain

If the people separating could have agreed on things then the need for separation would not be necessary. But, since it is sometimes necessary, here are some guidelines on how best to work through an unfortunate situation. [Read more...]

The Cartomancer: The Art of Curiosity


That’s the art: To let our curiosity do the reading, and in that reading discover that we may possess a different cultural competence than the one we bring to the fortuneteller’s table. [Read more...]